gucci soho disco bag replica

Hello ladies and welcome to another review that I’ll be doing on one of the Gucci replica handbags that I’ve got. Today I’ll be talking about the Gucci Soho Disco bag replica.

I’ve been eying the Gucci Soho Disco bag in Rose Beige color for quite sometime as I think that it’s a really practical bag and I’ll be able to use it all year round. However, this got-to-have-it bag was going to cost me over $1,000 at the Gucci store and I almost crossed it off my list.

Yeah…I said almost because I finally didn’t.

Did I get the bag? Sure!

Did I pay over $1,000? No, I didn’t!

I also didn’t steal it. I just turn to my secret escape plan… high quality fake Gucci bags from my favorite replica dealer.

Despite being one of those Gucci bags that the replica experts seem to fail at, I found a winner. Now I’ve got my dream bag not only for a cheaper price but it also looks and feels like the original?

Isn’t that amazing?

My secret is no other than Luxurytastic. They gave me the best of both worlds…a beautiful Gucci bag and an unhurt pocket.

I bet you’re itching to know how good this Gucci replica I got from them is, right?

Well, let’s get down to it…

Gucci Handbags Replica Quality – 10/10

  • Smell: Smells just like it’s supposed to…like leather!
  • Leather: I love the elegant pebbled textured used on this bag and just like the original, it’s also soft [or squishy as you may call it]. It also has a delicate, durable feel to it.
  • Interior: Classy linen lining with has two pockets. It even has the “Gucci made in Italy” stamped leather tab.
  • Glazing: Clean, no cracks.
  • Hardware: Well-built and very nice-looking like the original. Coloring is accurate.
  • Zipper: Nice and smooth, no fear of snagging.

Accuracy Of This Gucci Replica Bag –  9/10

  • Measurements: This bag measures W21 cm x H15 cm x Depth 6 cm, meaning it’s just 0.5cm shorter than the original which measures W21cm x H15cm x Depth 6.5cm. I wasn’t bothered as I was still able to fill the bag with all I needed.
  • GG logo: If you know how to spot a fake Gucci bag, the common problem with Gucci replicas are the size/diameter of the logo. However, not with this bag. The diameter of the GG logo on this bag is 12 cm just like the original.
  • Interior: Identical to the original: Soft and elegant cotton linen lining, rectangular tag, the branding’s font and size looks balanced and the bottom tag is stamped with a 12-digit code. All the stampings are neat and rigid.
  • Tassel: The tassel has 6 rivets with no screw exposed as the screw is part of the rivets. I didn’t find any tassel ring gap and the leather is cut to the top…the length is similar to the tassels on the original.
  • Zipper: The metal details are also represented by the large top zipper closure. I found ‘Gucci’ inscribed on the bottom and a capital ‘I’ inscribed on the zipper’s inner parts.
  • Strap: While on my hunt, I had come across many replicas having wider straps with two loops. Luckily, Luxurytastic was different and made their straps thinner with one loop…very close to the original. The metal details are represented by the rings connecting the strap to the body of my bag, the clasp on the strap and the upper part of the leather tassel. Strap drop (minimum) is 55 cm/21.6”, and strap length (maximum) is 134.5 cm/53”.

Satisfaction With This Gucci Handbag Replica – 10/10

I’m in love with this Gucci replica bag…it’s a modern and vibrant bag that serves its purpose quite well and I know that because I had the chance to get its very-close-to-the-real-thing replica.

Thanks to Luxurytastic, my bag was made with high precision and has fulfilled my Gucci got-to-have-that craving. I’m totally satisfied!

So where to buy fake Gucci that looks so identical to the authentic one?

If you’ll only take one thing away from my review, take this: Luxurytastic Replicas is a gem that’s worth your attention. I can’t praise them enough for their unmatched pricing and hard-work.

Their customer service is top-notch, their Gucci handbags replica luxury quality and product delivery are amazing. Once you know what you want and have your money ready, you’ll get what you desire as they’re quite transparent with their process.

Just be patient and just like me, you’d be soaked in your favorite high-end brands without breaking the bank!

This is where I got the Gucci Soho Disco bag replica from: