how to spot fake gucci

Trying to figure out how to spot a fake Gucci bag? Read on as I share with you all the tell-tale signs of a bad Gucci replica.

Gucci here. Gucci there. Gucci everywhere.

From most of my posts, you’d be able to tell that I’m a die-hard lover of the LV brand but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a soft spot for other brands, especially Gucci.

Gratefully, I can switch to Gucci from LV whenever I feel like it. Well, you all know how I can afford such a luxury. I’ve wrote a detailed review on the high-quality replica Marmont bag that I’m currently in love with, and shared where to get fake Gucci that looks and feels authentic.

Last week, a close friend of mine ordered for a Gucci bag on eBay and after paying so much, she ended up with a Gucci Soho Disco Bag replica. We all know how heartbreaking this can be.

I’m a strong believer of going for what you can afford but getting cheated along the way is a no-no for me.

So, if you’re looking to get that authentic Gucci handbag, purse, wallet or other accessories then you’re in the right place.

So how to spot a fake Gucci ? Let’s get enlightened…

How To Spot A Fake Gucci In 7 Steps

1. Observe Logo Quality.

In 2016, Gucci’s new head designer, Alessandro Michele, changed the Gucci logo from the interlocking ‘GG’ and made them overlap instead. On authentic Gucci items, you’re meant to still see the interlocking ‘GG’ on the leather and canvas but the ‘GG’ will overlap on the clasps and look sleeker with a pointed top opening.

Besides this new ‘GG’ logo design, you’ll, sometimes, notice an unsmooth tiger head closure in place of the ‘GG’ logo.

2. Confirm The Serial Number.

The serial number is made up of two numbers, [10 – 13 numbers], with one on top of the other. It can also be on the same line. You’ll find the serial number on the other side of the Gucci tag. For a Gucci handbag, this tag will be sewn inside the bag and not at the sides.

The first number [on top] is the style number. If you Google this style number and it brings up another bag then you know you’re to steer clear.

The second number [below] is the supplier code. These numbers are heat-stamped and so, if the stamp looks uneven, unclear or sloppy then you should reconsider your decision.

3. Observe The Hardware.

An authentic Gucci accessory stands the test of time. The zippers, engraving and hardware, in general, won’t ever peel, dent, feel light or come covered in plastic. Authentic Gucci items have weighty hardware and aren’t made from soft metals or plastics.

If your Gucci bag is a new edition, for instance, the Gucci logo will be engraved on the downside of the zipper.

If the name ‘Gucci’ is poorly engraved on any part of the hardware or looks blurry, uneven or unclean then you should steer clear.

3. Real Or Fake Controllato Card?

Controllato is an Italian word for “checked”.  This means seeing a Controllato card is proof that the Gucci bag has completed the manufacturing process and is of verified quality.

Every new authentic Gucci bag is to have one but its presence is not enough proof of authenticity. I mean if a counterfeiter can copy a full bag, what will be so difficult about copying a Controllato card? So, you’ll need to check it carefully.

Authentic Controllato cards will have the name ‘Gucci’ written on top of the “controllato” word followed by a set of single-spaced numbers [1234567890] beneath it.  Not seeing a Controllato card doesn’t mean you should discard the bag as fake as it might have been mistakenly added to another item. The card is usually added to the packaging and separated from the bag.

5. Does The Packaging Looks Authentic?

Authentic Gucci accessories won’t come in plastic packages. Authentic handbags from Gucci, for instance, will come with a dust bag to protect your purchased item. The dust bag is either black, light brown or dark brown.

Along with the packaging are information cards which can also be separated from the bag like the controllato cards too. So, if you notice any errors in the details, logo or fonts then it’s not genuine.

Just like the controllato cards, the absence of information cards doesn’t mean your purchase is fake.  These days, newer editions of Gucci bags come with ‘QR’ codes on a label inside them.

6. Check The Tag.

There should be a leather stamped tag with ‘Gucci’ and ‘Made in Italy’ inside the Gucci bag. I’d advise you to check the stamp carefully to make sure that the font, spelling, spacing and positioning are correct. These are meant to be neatly heat-stamped and not untidy.

I’d also advise you to pay close attention to the following while you observe tag:

  • The G is so well rounded that if it the line is continued, it would almost form an O.
  • The left side of the U is thick while the right side is thinner.
  • The ‘CC’ are well rounded like the G.
  • The ‘Made in Italy’ are all in lowercase in the same font as the Gucci name.

Note: Older Gucci bags from the 1990s will have the brand name and the ‘made in Italy’ all in capital letters.

7. Get To Know Your Gucci.

There are many Gucci styles available. My advice…visit the brand’s website or an authentic boutique to get yourself familiar with what’s in the market and their intricate details.

Check for everything from the stitches, the strap’s width or length to how the strap’s edges are put together or folded.

Have You Learned How To Spot A Fake Gucci That Is Low Quality?

When you know what to look out for, you’d be more confident about making that Gucci purchase.

It doesn’t matter what you want…a new authentic Gucci item or a high quality Gucci Replica that can’t be called out as a fake.

You can always make use of this checklist to spot a fake Gucci or a bag Gucci replica. Apply my simple guide to authenticate that Gucci accessory or handbag before you conclude your purchase.

Nothing beats a confident, happy Gucci purchase like I always did.

Leave your comments, feedback, experiences and questions in the comment section below and let’s get talking. If you also know who needs to learn how to spot a fake Gucci, be kind to SHARE with them.