Gucci Marmont Pastel Bag

You’re about to see the beauty of pastel and silver hardware in the newly made-over pastel Marmont line, also in the Gucci fake scene.

Just about four years ago, Gucci launched its Marmont line for the first time. The bags were launched in Fall/Winter 2016 and soon enough [I dare say instantly], these shoulder bags became the top choice of influencers, celebrities, and of course, handbag enthusiasts like us. I love how my beautiful faux Gucci wallets fits in the bag perfectly!

The Marmont collection has been re-invented and expanded so many times that I’ve seemed to lost count. But with each re-invention, we’re all reminded of the reasons why we love the collection.

Now, Gucci has given the Marmont bags a makeover by adding some elegant pastel tones/colors complemented by polished silver hardware which is cool for Summer/Spring times. I know that pastel for Spring isn’t a new thing but, if you’ve noticed, it seems to be the ‘in’ thing this season for many fashion houses. Plus, they look adorable on the Marmont.

The classic double G was inspired by a Gucci buckle back in the 70s and I just love its polished look on the bags’ lustrous, sweet-colored leather [looks like candy]. Thanks to the ‘freshness’ of these bags, having any of these bags in your wardrobe will add that pop you love.

Ever fallen for any of the bags from the Marmont line in the past but didn’t indulge because you don’t have a thing for ‘gold’ hardware? Then you’ve got the perfect alternative.

If you want something neutral, you can go for the dusty pink option.  The multi-colored options work if you’re looking to make a statement. The Marmont bags have remained a go-to for many bag enthusiasts. Why? Let’s just say these bags are a perfect blend of fashion and function [not minding the outlines].

How about pricing? Well, the multi-colored options cost more than the solid colored ones. But before you decide on anything, check out the other new Marmont bags from the house of Gucci and the range of high quality fake Gucci belts that are available.