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Shopping for high-end fake Gucci wallet ? Then you’ll want to read my review on two replica Gucci wallets that I just bought recently.

I never thought I’d be able to have the best of both worlds when it came to my Gucci luxury items. I just felt it’d only be a once-in-a-while affair when I had much more than I needed which we all know isn’t possible.

Well, LuxuryTastic changed that story with the numerous fake Gucci bags and Gucci handbags replica that I’ve got from them and today I’ll be reviewing the two Gucci wallet replica I got from them.

Do I have regrets? Well, my review will answer this.

I’ve kept this review straight to the point and provided enough attention to detail. All you need to do is to relax.

It’ll be worth your while.

First Fake Gucci Wallet Review: Gucci Bee Star Leather Zip Around Wallet.

Where I got this faux Gucci wallet from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/gucci-bee-star-leather-zip-around-wallet-black/.

Quality: 10/10

This Gucci Bee Star replica is a very nice one. When it arrived, there was no factory smell. The hardware is of high quality with nicely done zippers.

The leather on this fake Gucci wallet is really nice and smooth to the touch. Just like there was no factory smell, there wasn’t any foul odor as well.

I found both the zippers inside and around the wallet smooth and nice. The card slots were a great fit for my cards and it really gave me the authentic wallet feeling I wanted.

Accuracy: 9.5/10

This replica Gucci wallet is quite accurate if you ask me and you’ll agree too. But for those who are picky, I’ll remove 0.5 marks from the ratings for the lettering on the spine. I feel it could have been clearer and centered when I was really scrutinizing the wallet trying to find for flaws. However, this doesn’t really bother me as this minor flaw is not obvious unless somebody really took the time to scrutinize it trying to look for flaws.

When compared with the authentic wallet, I found the interior and zipper on this cheap Gucci wallet replica pulls very close in resemblance.

If you care about the dust bag and box I’ve seen some listings with the ones I received and for some with the classic Gucci white design.

I can’t really say if you can get two packaging variations for this item.

Satisfaction: 10/10

This is perfect for me. I wanted a slightly bigger wallet as I always carry a lot of items around and this suits perfectly. It’s sold as a men’s wallet but I got it because it’s gorgeous looking and meets my needs.

Second Replica Gucci Wallet Review: Blue Gucci Blooms French Flap Wallet

Where I got this wallet from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/gucci-gg-blooms-french-flap-wallet-blue/.

Quality: 9.5/10

The inner leather on this fake Gucci wallet is soft and red as the original. It also smells great. I found the snaps quite easy to use and the bound edges has a smooth finishing to it.

I love the outer canvas, it feels nice and looks the same as the original.

I deducted 0.5 marks from the rating because of the “Made in Italy” stamp. It’s a little blurry and the stitching on the right edge inside the wallet seems a little stuffed up.

In the authentic wallet’s picture, it looks like the corner has a funny looking stitch because of how the wallet is bound but I didn’t see this extra bunching of the thread in any authentic wallets online.

The deductions isn’t a deal breaker for me and who knows…there might be authentic wallets like these too.

Accuracy: 9.5/10

The interior on this cheap Gucci wallet replica is the same as the original save for the little differences I mentioned above.

The “GG” logo and the speckles are accurate enough for me. I just don’t like some of the flowers’ shading on the exterior, it looks off.

This is what I mean. Some of the blue flowers on the original wallet are a solid dark blue but on this replica Gucci wallet that I got, I noticed a “highlight”.

Then some of the original wallet’s tiny flowers has a shadow on each but the replica I got didn’t have this.

There were other little, not-so noticeable inaccuracies with the green color parts. Besides what I just mentioned, I find the flower shapes and their placement very much accurate.

Unless you’re carrying both wallets side by side and looking for the flower pattern differences, no one will be able to spot the difference.

Satisfaction With This Replica Gucci Wallet – 10/10

I’m very satisfied with this wallet. The quality is amazing and the French flap is more like my style.

The inaccuracies in the flowery patterns and the other minor differences don’t bother me. Left to me my high expectations were met.

For the purpose of opinions, someone else might think differently. I’ve got all these observations because I used to work a lot on fabrics and materials.

Noticing differences in color and construction always happens and this is why I’ve got a good eye for spotting variations.

You might have a different perspective.

Communication With The Fake Gucci Wallet Seller: 10/10

Like always LuxuryTastic is great with communication. There were times we missed each other and that had to do more with our time differences and my work schedule.

It’s the summer holidays but they’re very trustworthy, polite and responsive. Buying from this seller will always be a delight.

As I’m finishing this review, I’d start planning my next purchase. Want to know what it is? Well, you’ll need to wait for my review on that.

Takeaway From My Gucci Wallet Replica Review.

An authentic Gucci wallet can cost over $600 depending on its size. As a lady who loves having twos or threes of luxury items for my use, that will eat too deep into my bank account.

Besides why am I an accountant if I can’t make wise financial decisions for myself? This was how I found myself deep in the world of high-quality replicas.

So where to get fake Gucci that looks just like the authentic ones?

Go for Luxurytastic. Go for quality. You’ll be happy with their replica Gucci wallets, just like I did.

LuxuryTastic never fails to deliver. Don’t read this fake Gucci wallet review and then go for a replica seller that will only give you an obvious fake.

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