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Trying to buy a fake Gucci belt that is high-quality? Then you’ll want to continue reading as I’ll be sharing about a beautiful Gucci belt replica that I just got.

If you don’t know about me or my Gucci replica guide, I’m Maurielle and today I’ll be dishing out my review on one of the replica Gucci belts I’ve bought from LuxuryTastic.

It’s still one of my favorite Gucci inspired belt.

Just like the high-end fake Gucci wallets and fake Gucci bags that I’ve got, this white Gucci belt fake version fetches me a lot of lovely compliments and approving stares wherever I go.

The authentic version of this Gucci belt costs close to $500 but I got this high-quality GG belt replica for only $177.

I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions about the quality of this Gucci belt look alike. This is why I’ve taken out the time to give you a thorough review of this Gucci replica belt.

So is the replica Gucci belt as good as the other high-quality Gucci handbags replica that I’ve got before?

Ready? Take the front seat, please.

Fake Gucci Belt Quality – Rating 10/10

Wondering where did I get this fake Gucci from? I got this Gucci belt replica from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/leather-belt-with-double-g-buckle/.

Like I earlier mentioned, I got this belt at a steal price of $177 compared to the $500 for the authentic one.

The quality? I’m way too impressed.

It looks quite close-to-the-real-thing than the other replica belts I got from other sellers. At first glance, you’ll notice the great stitching and stellar detailing.

I love the attached belt strap, with this I’ve got no worries of losing it. It’s a little touch but it’s amazing.

Of course, the leather used on this belt looks and feels original too. No cheap looks, no weird smell.

Replica Gucci Belt Accuracy – Rating 9/10

It’s an awesome replica. I was concerned about the GG hardware and buckles when I got it but then I realized that there weren’t any serious giveaways.

It’s hard to tell the difference unless you’ve got the original beside you and a magnifying glass.

The gap between the G’s is not as exact as the original but it’s not squashed or circular like the obvious fakes. That’s a pass for me.

I’ll keep wearing this belt as long as I need to. I’ve compared it with my previous authentic Gucci belts and next to them, you won’t easily pick it out as a fake.

Satisfaction With This Fake Gucci Belt – Rating 10/10

I’m very happy with my replica Gucci belt purchase from LuxuryTastic. I’m even more pleased that I didn’t have to spend so much to get it. I’ve got a strict budget plan and this purchase left me with no regrets.

The color and thickness don’t fall into my everyday wear but I got it for an upcoming event.

I’m going on holiday soon and will be attending an all-white party. A lot of fashion enthusiasts will be there so I’m really glad that I could get this without breaking my bank for it.

I almost forgot to mention the hole punch! It came with my purchase and thankfully I didn’t have to look for a screwdriver [as I always do] to make an extra hole.

Seller Communication and Service – Rating 10/10

One word. Fast.

No delays.

I made my decision easily as they provided all I needed quickly and politely. Especially in the area of size guides and shipping options.

They were quite friendly to me. I made an accidental wrong payment via Transferwise and it didn’t end up as a huge issue.

I also didn’t need to keep sending reminders or running after them for anything. If this isn’t great customer service then I don’t know what is.

Takeaway From This Gucci Replica Belt Review.

You can tell how excited I am, right?

Why won’t I be?

As a 24-year-old accountant in LA, there’s a lot I need to do with money and LuxuryTastic helped me fulfill my Gucci cravings without a feeling guilty.

Why not give LuxuryTastic a try too for their high-end fake Gucci belt?

Give their Gucci belt replica a shot and let me know how it went in the comments below.

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