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Shopping for high-end fake Louis Vuitton wallet? You’re in luck as I will be sharing about the latest replica Louis Vuitton wallet that I just got!

If you know me, you know there’s nothing I love more than gorgeous, buttery, beautiful Louis Vuitton replicas. Although it’s hard for me to deny any LV beauty, I have to admit  — there’s just something magical about the LV Emilie Wallet Monogram Canvas in Rose Ballerine.

I mean, look at it. That rich canvas. That gorgeous, but almost-unseen stitching. The pink canvas inside giving it both functionality and a pop of flirty fun. That adorable and chic little pink button clasping it all together. How could I possibly deny it?

Oh, right. The price tag. That’s how.

It’s no secret that LV prices are nothing to sneeze at – I mean, I get it. I really do. If you want high-end products that are the best quality around, then, of course, you’re going to have to pay for them. That being said, I don’t always have the budget to actually bust out the big bucks for a wallet (at least, that’s what I have to remind myself).

So, as usual, I resorted to my secret weapon to get my hands on this Louis Vuitton wallet fake version. A weapon that, in my experience, has power that knows no bounds.

What’s the secret weapon, you ask?

LuxuryTastic Louis Vuitton replicas.

Girls, again, if you know me, you know this secret never fails me – and I’m sure it’s never failed you either.

I decided that I was so, so, so in love with my replica Louis Vuitton wallet that I absolutely had to do a review for you guys. So, buckle up, fashionistas, and hold on to your wallets – I can bet you’re going to want to buy this beauty right away, too!

Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet Review

louis vuitton wallet fake
Look at this beautiful Louis Vuitton wallet replica from Luxurytastic!

All right, so you probably want to know all the deets about this baby, right? Well, you’re in luck, because I have analyzed this bad boy in-and-out and know everything there is to know about it. Translation?

You’re in for the most thorough review of your life, girls! Check out what I have to say about the quality, the accuracy, and most importantly, my overall satisfaction with my purchase.

Replica Louis Vuitton Wallet Quality Rating: 9/10

I know what you’re thinking: “Maurielle, 9 out of 10 is a really high score –is this wallet actually that great in quality?” Girl. Yes. My ratings are not for the faint of heart.

When it comes to quality, I don’t mess around, and I certainly don’t purchase replicas that aren’t at least 9 or higher when it comes to quality — I’m in this because I want my wallets to look and feel as quality as possible, as high-end as possible, so when I rate something a 9 out of 10, you better believe I mean business.

This replica Louis Vuitton wallet from LuxuryTastic Replicas is well-aligned and the stitching is absolutely perfect – this is typically where you can count on replicas showing their quality flaws, but this is not the case with my replica.

Further, the canvas doesn’t just look quality, it actually feels quality. Believe it or not, this is what makes a huge difference in the overall quality of a designer wallet – the feeling.

It’s sturdy, well-constructed, and the hardware (like the zippers and the button) work like a charm (both have the satisfying zip and snap of a high-end purchase). But you know what really sold me on the quality? The card slots.

With the authentic wallet, you can always count on the card slides to be exceptionally tight when you first get the wallet, and over time, they loosen up.

This Louis Vuitton replica wallet does the exact same thing. All you need to do is leave a few cards in your wallet for a few days and they’ll loosen right up, but man, talk about quality details!

Another overlooked detail (I think anyway) that helps determine quality is the smell when you open the Louis Vuitton wallet fake version. Think about the last time you opened a high-end item from a shopping bag or a shipping container.

It smelled great, right? Like a new car, or buttery leather, or like it came strong from LV. With replicas, you always risk smelling like factory and chemicals, but that’s not the case with the replicas from LuxuryTastic.

Accuracy Of This Louis Vuitton Wallet Fake Version: 10/10

louis vuitton mens wallet replica
The high-end fake Louis Vuitton wallet I got from Luxurytastic.

I genuinely don’t mean to make you freak out here, but seriously, I’m giving this wallet a 10/10 for it’s accuracy. I like to think I’m super well-versed in what makes an authentic wallet, authentic.

I know all the details of the high-end world, even the super fine details like stitching pattern, zipper size, and more (I’m obsessed, and I know it).

So, when I say this Louis Vuitton wallet replica is 10/10 on accuracy, I mean it. I spent hours with this Louis Vuitton fake wallet going over every last seam, stitch, and detail, and you know what? It’s absolutely flawless.

I’ll admit that when I got my quality control picture at first, I totally panicked. In the pictures, the canvas looked SO GREEN and totally off. I’ll be straightforward with you – I nearly lost it.

But I kept my cool, and of course, LuxuryTastic totally pulled it off, showing me that the canvas in the picture only looked green because of poor lighting.

When I got the wallet, I was so pleased. The Rose Ballerine interior leather color is gorgeous and spot on. The color of the monogram canvas is exactly what it’s supposed to look like.

What’s better? The canvas on this Louis Vuitton fake wallet feels just like my other authentic LV canvas accessories – this makes a huge difference in accuracy of the product! In short, if I could give this replica a 15/10, I totally would (but c’mon, girls, where’s the fun in that – we use real scales here!)

Satisfaction with this Louis Vuitton Wallet Replica: 10/10

how to spot a fake louis vuitton wallet
The back view of this beautiful baby from Luxurytastic.

Obviously, my rating is going to be silly-high because of how I rated the accuracy and the quality – you totally should have been expecting this. But this is the most genuine rating I can give.

I cannot tell the difference between this replica and the real deal, and when you’re only paying about a 1/3 of the price for something that looks and feels totally authentic, then how can you possibly be unhappy with your purchase?

Why I Chose This Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet

cheap louis vuitton wallet replica
The interior of the wallet from Luxurytastic.

I had been eyeing the LV Emilie Wallet for a long, long time. As a person who has a ton of authentic LV pieces in their closet (from before I discovered my secret weapon), there’s just something about the brand that totally draws me in.

I love the monogram canvas color, the Rose Ballerine accents, and the functionality of the zippered pockets, and I knew that this had to be the next piece in my collection.

I also knew that I totally, 100 percent could not afford the authentic version – I just cannot justify spending that much money on a tiny, but amazing, wallet.

There were so many pro and con lists made about this little replica Louis Vuitton wallet beauty. Pros: adorable, functional, an absolute banger of an addition to my collection, it goes with everything I have, and the list went on and on. The only con? The price.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to just put dreams of this amazing wallet aside, so I busted out my secret weapon.

Here’s the link where I bought it from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/lv-emilie-wallet/.

Do check out the other reviews that I’ve done on my LV reps:

The Seller I Bought This Louis Vuitton Wallet Replica From

Buying a Louis Vuitton wallet replica from LuxuryTastic is literally a no-brainer.

While it’s not a verifiable authentic wallet, it looks and feels exactly like an authentic LV piece. I choose time and time again to work with LuxuryTastic because they know quality, they know high-end, and they know luxury.

They literally purchase the authentic designer products specifically to deconstruct and replicate – there’s no one better at providing fake Louis Vuitton wallets than this company right here, and I will take that to the bank every single time (something I’m totally able to do because thanks to LuxuryTastic, I’m not broke from buying up all the authentic LVs out there!)

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