Louis Vuitton Escale Collection

With the current worldwide pandemic, fashion houses keep working on how to launch their new products while managing what’s left of their ‘open’ stock. Thanks to social distancing, online platforms have become the solace for everything we now do from virtual parties to shopping for fake Louis Vuitton.

While most of us might be more interested in online education, home supplies, and other things we love, fashion brands continue to offer luxury as always.

We all thought the much-anticipated Louis Vuitton Escale line would be debuted in June due to the current happenings but the brand thought differently and made the collection available for purchase online.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to this much-hyped collection, you have the chance to go for it now…from the comfort of your home. This collection is set apart by its color combos; you can either go for the red and pink with your fake Louis Vuitton belt, blue and white or pastel rainbow options.

Louis Vuitton Escale Collection Replicas

That’s not even all. Besides bags, you have enough room to choose from small accessories such as fake Louis Vuitton wallets to clothing too. Although the bigger bags like the Onthego are more sought after, you’ll still find some reasonably-priced smaller items that look just as cute.

If like me, you’re also looking forward to that time when life returns to normal, then this collection is a perfect reminder of the better times ahead.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t need anything to feel that happy but, if you ask me, this collection is just one of those mind relaxing things we need in a time like this.

There are no stores open right now, so you’ll have access to the whole collection online without having to go from store to store, or you can purchase the replica version. Many of these items can be added to your shopping cart and so, I think it’s wise if you grab a piece you like now before it runs out.

Check out the whole Louis Vuitton Escale line here.

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