myths about authentic louis vuitton

I’ve bought many authentic Louis Vuitton and also fake Louis Vuitton from Luxurytastic. I’ve also heard many myths about authentic Louis Vuitton that are just pure nonsense and I have to clear it up for you girls to know.

You came across a Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica or item you love. That’s great.

You decided to do your calculations and draw up a budget on how much you’d need to save to have enough cash to make this Pochette Metis Replica yours. That’s wonderful.

Now you’ve got the cash and all you want to do is to go all in and make your dream LV accessory a reality. That’s fine too.

I believe the last thing you want to do is to end up with a Louis Vuitton belt replica after paying so much, right? I thought so too.

If you want to know how to spot a Louis Vuitton backpack replica, you should read the post I did on it but today’s post will be on top 5 myths about authentic Louis Vuitton items. Why?

Well, there are a lot of myths that lie around authentic Louis Vuitton products, especially when you need to know if the LV item you own or want to get is an original or a fake.

Are you ready? Awesome!

Let’s get started…

Louis Vuitton Myth 1: If It Has a Date Code, It’s Authentic.

Just because the LV product you’re about to go for has a date code doesn’t mean it’s authentic and even if it doesn’t have, it’s not enough to conclude it’s Louis Vuitton wallet replica.  Sometimes you won’t be able to find a date code on your LV item because it wore off before you bought it or you’re just finding it difficult to locate.

Date codes help to identify when and where an LV product was made. If you’re concerned about locating the one for your LV bag or item, you can do that by making use of authentication services but that’s a lot of stress.

Note: If it’s an item that was produced when the brand didn’t use a date code system then you won’t even find anything.

myths about louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton Myth 2: Upside Down Logos Are For Fake LV Items.

You’re probably more familiar with the logos being right side up on all the sides on most LV product styles you see but it’s quite possible to see a style with the logos down on one side that’s still authentic. The Speedy bag is a perfect example.

As long as it’s a continuous piece that runs from the front of the bag its back, then having upside-down logos on one side is fine.

Louis Vuitton Myth 3: Authentic Items Don’t Have Cut Off LVs.

I think this is just ridiculous. If you notice that the LV logos on your bag or belt is cut off by the seam, that’s just the design and not a good way to conclude you’ve got a fake LV product. Before you write it off, consider every other detail.

Louis Vuitton Myth 4: Only Authentic LV Bags Change Color or Hold Moisture.

Indeed authentic LV bags made from Vachetta leather darkens with time to form a patina. This is as a result of the oils in our hands when we hold them. Yet, I’ve seen the worst fakes that were made from untreated leather that also cause it to change color over time. Even some makers of fake bags tend to use quality materials these days.

Louis Vuitton Myth 5: Authentic LV products are ‘Made in France’ Only.

Many authentic LV products aren’t made in France. We all agree that the iconic brand had its humble start in France but they diversified the manufacture of their products to other countries like Germany, USA, Italy, Switzerland and the likes [I wrote a whole post on this, check it out].

This is because different countries have different needs when it comes to production and distribution. So, don’t be surprised if you see an LV product that’s ‘Made in the U.S.A’.

Final Thoughts On The Myths Of Authentic Louis Vuitton

When it comes to getting the real LV product you’re after, you’re better off doing more research than concluding on any of the myths I’ve listed. Makers of fake LV products – who want to scam you off of your hard-earned cash – are increasing yearly, so be careful ladies.

Have comments, questions or more myths to share? That’s great, just leave them all in the comments below.

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