how to spot a fake louis vuitton

Trying to find out how to spot a Louis Vuitton fake ? Read on as I share with you everything you need to know about Louis Vuitton replicas.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you’ll know how much of a die-hard Louis Vuitton lover I am.

In one of my posts, I explained how I was never worried about shelling big bucks on LV items until my credit card bills became a nightmare for me. You guessed right…I couldn’t afford the luxury anymore and had to go for high-end Louis Vuitton handbags replica, such as the Neverfull replica.

Yet, I’m also aware that there a lot of ladies that won’t mind going for the authentic LV handbags because they can afford it. If this is you, that’s great.

However, you’d agree that nothing hurts more than spending thousands of dollars on a ‘supposedly’ authentic Louis Vuitton handbag only for you to end up with a replica. Ouch!

Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited brands today. So, if you’re opting for their authentic items, you’d need to be extra careful.

That’s why I’ve written this post to help you identify a replica Louis Vuitton so you don’t get scammed when you want the original.

Ready. Set. Go.

These are what you should observe closely when you’re trying to spot a fake Louis Vuitton.

How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton In 7 Steps

1. Check The Material.

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags are made from the highest quality of materials. Crocodile skin, leather, lambskin…just name it and only the highest quality of these materials will be used. A Louis Vuitton bag made from leather will be soft to the touch and smooth. As the bag ages, the leather used will darken.

Low quality replicas are usually made from cheaper materials; vinyl and artificial leather [pleather]. Even if the bag ages, the material won’t tan.

However, high-quality fake Louis Vuitton backpack such as the ones from Luxurytastic fake LV can be really hard to differentiate from an authentic one. So I’d advise you to feel the bag, does it have a plastic feel? Yes? Walk away.

2. Look At The Monograms.

Louis Vuitton authentic bag makers are careful enough to make sure that the monograms are carefully placed and consistent on all their items.

Some of their models monogram design won’t look crooked or cut off in any way, it’s always the same. You won’t see a seam anywhere in the middle, the leather runs from the back to the front as one solid piece. Anything less or different is a fake.

3. Check The Hardware.

This is another way to check the authenticity of the Louis Vuitton you’re about to go for. Authentic Louis Vuitton belts have real gold or brass metal hardware stamped with the LV logo. If it’s a fake Louis Vuitton belt, you’ll find a painted gold plastic in place of the real gold.

You won’t also find tags attached to the original LV bags. If they’re to have tags, you’ll find them inside the dust bags. Take note that the tags won’t be attached with pins or plastics.

All authentic LV bags come with soft dust bags. These dust bags have a soft pale color that will have the LV logo in the middle. The dust bags usually come in two styles; an envelope style or a drawstring style.

spotting a fake LV

4. Look At The Accessories.

Authentic LV bags don’t come with extra accessories while low-quality fake LV bags do. For example, the original LV Neverfull bag comes with two straps that you can hang over your shoulder.

It also has the likelihood or option to come with a long detachable shoulder strap but it doesn’t…because it’s not a standard attachment. If it’s a bad-quality fake Neverfull bag, it will come with a detachable shoulder strap.

5. Check The Handles and Stitches.

Observe the craftsmanship…carefully. All the stitches on authentic LV are precise, durable and won’t show or have any loose threads.

There’s no slack in the craft or room for loose stitches. For the handles, they’re well seamed with a special glue that keeps the leather bonded. If you notice any sloppiness in the craft, you should step back.

So, am I asking you to look out for perfection? Absolutely. Perfection doesn’t change. The stitches are perfectly done, are always even and the number will never change.

Let’s take a look again at our earlier example…the authentic Neverfull bag. On this bag, you’ll find only five stitches across the tabs, where the handles are located. It’s always the same on all of their Neverfull bags and will never change. If it does, the brand will let us know, don’t you think?

6. Look At The Lettering.

Be on the lookout for the lettering on their logo. Here are some examples:

  • For the Louis Vuitton lettering, the ‘O’ is meant to be round not oval-shaped.
  • The ‘L’ is positioned quite close to the ‘O’ and isn’t supposed to extend fully on the bottom.
  • The horizontal line on the ‘L’ is short for the authentic bags.
  • The ‘Louis Vuitton’ is spelled in capital letters. If it’s not, it would be done in a special way that’s quite difficult to replicate.

7. Check The Date Codes and Authenticity Certificates.

Every LV accessory will come with a date code, not a serial number, to tell you when and where the bag was made. These codes are usually imprinted on the bag’s lining or a leather tag inside the product. These date codes are made up of letters and numbers.

However, you have to be really careful as a high-quality fake Louis Vuitton wallet can have the exact same date codes as the authentic ones.

An authentic Louis Vuitton wallet won’t come with an authenticity certificate. You might come across a card [cream in color] that has the bag’s style name and bar code on it but it ends there. Don’t be deceived by a so-called certificate of authenticity as there’s no such thing.

My Final Thoughts On Spotting A Fake Louis Vuitton

Any seller trying to sell a fake item to you for the cost of the original is a fraud. I mentioned at the beginning how I now buy high-quality Louis Vuitton replicas but I pay the justified price for it.

It’s heartbreaking to pay a high-end price with the mind of getting an authentic LV bag or any other LV accessory and you end up with a fake.

I know how this feels and that’s why I’ve taken my time to put all these info together for you to go through and apply when you want to go for an authentic bag or accessory from Louis Vuitton.

Got questions, comments or experiences you’d love to share? Drop them in the comment section below, I’m waiting to hear your tips on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton.

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