how to clean a fake louis vuitton

Picture this…you just got your high-quality faux Louis Vuitton accessory from Luxurytastic’s LV replicas after saving so much for it and then after awhile, you notice a stain on it or even a mold growth after a while. What next?

Of course, getting it cleaned would be the next step but you need to do so carefully and lovingly.

We all agree that high-end fake LV bags are durable and will last a lifetime but that shouldn’t stop you from giving them some TLC from time to time.

I know this and that’s why I do all it takes to keep my fake Louis Vuitton handbags good-looking and clean.

Also, different materials are used in making fake LV backpacks and hence, will have different methods of cleaning and care.

So, to help you give your fake Louis Vuitton belts [according to the materials used] the love it desires and keep it clean, I’ve dropped some few tips for you in this article.

Let’s dig in…

How To Clean A Fake Louis Vuitton When It’s Made From Canvas.

If your fake LV wallet is made from canvas material, it’d be more water-resistant and color-preserving than if it was made from leather. That doesn’t mean your bag won’t get stained or pick up some marks. To clean your bag, this is what to do:

  • Make use of a damp cloth to rub off the stain gently. If the stain is stubborn, make a mild soap solution with water and dip in the cloth. Use it to rub on the stain.
  • Next, use a damp cloth to wipe off the soap solution.
  • Then, use a dry cloth to wipe the bag dry.

How To Clean An LV When It’s Made From Vachetta Leather.

Most LV bags are made from Vachetta leather. It’s usually a light beige color when you first get it [new] but the color will later change or darken to a fine patina.

I didn’t want my bag to turn brown quickly or look uneven so I took these steps:

  • I had it treated regularly.
  • I cleaned the trims with alcohol-free baby wipes often.

However, if your LV bag’s leather is already dirty or has darkened, do this instead:

  • Make use of a good leather conditioner that guards bags against cracking or darkening. I conditioned mine with an Apple leather conditioner.

how to safely clean a fake LV

When It’s Made From Vernis Leather.

If your bag is made from Vernis leather, then it’ll be prone to stains, marks and fading just like Vachetta. Vernis is made from LV’s patent calfskin leather and is more prone to color changes due to the methods used to make it look as shiny as it does. Here’s what to note when caring for your Vernis bag:

  • It’s quite easy to have color transfers on your Vernis bag. So, keep your bag safe and protected from materials or sources of heat that might cause stains to it.
  • Only use clean water and a wet cloth to maintain the glossy/shiny outlook of your bag.

Generally, I empty the interiors of my LV bags and use alcohol-free baby wipes to remove any build-ups of dirt from the interiors.

Let me know how your Louis Vuitton cleaning went or if you’ve got any questions or comments. The comment section is always open.

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