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Trying to find the best Louis Vuitton handbags replica? Read on as I review the Pochette Metis replica and share with you everything you need to know about fake Louis Vuitton handbags.

Good news, ladies I’m back, and I’m better than ever. You know I can’t stay away from writing to you guys for too long, especially when there’s a high-end fake Louis Vuitton bag to be bought and luxury brands to wear.

I have even better news, guys – it’s review time again!

I know you fashionistas love when I take the time to flesh out why I love my luxury handbags, and I know you especially love when I go through in extreme details about the quality of the handbags — uhm, hello, you’re totally in the right place, because I absolutely love, love, love to write these replica reviews and I have a totally killer one for you right here, right now.

I know there couldn’t possibly be any Louis Vuitton lovers out there that are to quite my degree – I’m sure you ladies are close, but trust me, no one loves Louis like I do – but I know that you guys probably can’t get enough LV either, so I wanted to talk about my latest and greatest LV obsession:

The LV Pochette Metis Monogram.

You know this one, girls.  This beauty is impossible to ignore and even more impossible to not spend your savings on. Before you reach into your gorgeous LV wallets to pull out your hard-earned cash and fall victim to the handbag, read up on my review of my LV Pochette Metis replica.

I got it from – you guessed it – from my favorite replica seller, LuxuryTastic Replicas.

Today, I’m writing up all my thoughts on my luxury knock-off Pochette Metis to give you gals a better idea of why I buy fake Louis Vuitton handbags over the real thing these days (I’m not cheap, I’m balling on a budget, but if you think I’m going to look like I’m on a budget, then you don’t know me at all!)

Check out my review of my super gorgeous, super amazing, super awesome Pochette Metis Replica – trust me, once I’m through, you’re going to want to drop your cash on this bad boy, and I won’t even stop you (it’s too good of a deal to say no to!)

Review On The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Replica I Bought

pochette metis replica
Look at this beautiful baby from Luxurytastic!

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know the drill. If not, allow me to explain. I’m going to let you know how I feel about this replica’s overall quality, how I think it stands up next to an authentic (and I have quite the discerning eye, especially when it comes to Louis Vuitton), and I’ll even rate my overall satisfaction for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the handbag, girls. That’s why we’re all here, anyway!

Quality of This Fake LV Pochette Metis: 9/10

Sure, let’s address this right up front – this is a dangerously high score. But you know what, if you’re familiar with my work in the replica world, you know that I don’t mess around when it comes to luxury knock-offs.

I don’t hand out points for “good-trys” or “way-to-gos” – no, I only give points when they’re deserved, and a 9/10 quality score for this little Louis is more than deserved.

For starters, this handbag has an amazing weight to it. With replicas (bad ones, anyway), I tend to find that they weigh less or feel light, and that’s typically the number one tip-off denoting that you’ve picked up a low-quality handbag. With this replica, the weight was there.

The smell and the feel was there, too. It smelled like leather (without the chemical-y, factory scent that typically wafts up with knock-offs), and the canvas felt just as quality as my authentic LVs.

LV pochette metis
This rep from Luxurytastic looks exactly like the real thing!

What’s better was that the handbag was sturdy. Even with my Louis Vuitton wallet replica in it, the canvas held up nicely, it seemed well constructed, and the hardware was spot on – I don’t just mean it was the right color (it was!), but it also felt like heavy, smooth, high-quality metal that the real LVs use.

The reason why this handbag doesn’t get 10/10 for quality is because of it’s straps. While the straps are a touch stiff (not a big deal in my book), they’ll loosen up with a little wear. Overall, it bends in the right places, stands firm on its own, and looks so quality.

I took this beauty to a little reunion I was having with a few of my college girlfriends (also discerning fashionistas) and they could not believe I’d gotten my hands on an ‘authentic’ Pochette Metis. According to them, I must be doing really well for myself if I could afford a nearly $2,000 handbag. I just smiled and nodded – no need to correct them and tell them it’s a replica, right?

Accuracy Of This Faux Pochette Metis: 9/10

who sells the best replica louis vuitton handbags
So in love with Luxurytastic’s Pochette Metis replica!

Listen, I took my time on this one, okay. I know how important accuracy is for those fashionistas like me who care deeply about everything looking as authentic as possible. If you’re asking yourself “why does it matter how authentic it looks?”, know that you and the people like me are a little bit different.

There are people out there who buy replicas that look sorta-kinda authentic and it totally works for them because they’re not too interested in fooling everyone – and you know what, that’s totally fine.

But there are other people, people like me, for example, who only want the most authentic looking knock-offs around because I am trying to fool people into believing I got the real thing (and honestly, trying to fool myself into it a bit, too!)

Both groups of people are fine, but this section is more dedicated toward the folks who care super deeply about how authentic the replica looks.

So, I held this Pochete Metis replica from Luxurytastic while I looked at the original on many YouTube unboxing videos. I held and analyzed this handbag while looking at a few of my other authentic LVs. To me, the differences – if there really are any – are so minuscule you’d never notice them unless you were going over the handbags with a fine-toothed comb.

The monogram canvas is identical to the original, I think, and even the handle feels and looks the same as the authentic handbag (a hard feat to pull off). The logo stamping is perfect, the inside compartments are soft and roomy like the authentic one, and the hardware looks identical, too.

Why am I deducting a point off for it’s accuracy? The only difference I can find (after hours of looking, mind you), is that the leather ribbon tag on the front of the handbag deviates – maybe – just a little bit to the right. I didn’t actually take out my ruler to measure, but if I had, I’d guess it deviates like a 1/8 of an inch more to the right than the authentic.

Here’s the deal – no one is going to notice that. Even I barely noticed it (it took me hours, girls). Maybe if you’re holding both handbags up side-by-side you would notice, but in your everyday scenario, you’re going to be walking, moving about, taking your handbag with you – who do you think is actually going to notice this slight deviation? Probably no one.

Nevertheless, this little blip on the perfect scale is the reason I have to give this handbag a 9/10 (it’s only fair). Other than that, it’s absolutely identical in feel, look, smell, and quality, just like my beautiful Louis Vuitton belt replicas.

Satisfaction With This LV Pochette Metis Replica: 10/10

Pochette Metis replica
The 3 replica Pochette Metis I’ve gotten from Luxurytastic.

I know that I gave the first two scores on this list 9/10s, but overall, I score this handbag as a 10/10 for my satisfaction.

The tiny inaccuracy doesn’t bother me (especially because it took me so long to notice and I was literally looking for any inaccuracy I could find) and neither does the stiff strap (it’ll loosen with some wear).

Overall, this handbag is beautiful, amazing, and looks just like the authentic. The only difference? I paid like ¼ of the price for a real bag (seriously, this baby sells on the LV site for like $2,000 almost). Why pay that when you can pay almost nothing for a bag that looks 100 percent identical to the authentic bag.

Why I Choose This Louis Vuitton Handbags Replica

Of all the LV handbags out there, you might be wondering why I chose this particular handbag.

The short answer? I wanted it. I love the design of this handbag, think it’s super chic, and it was missing from my collection. Like I said, I’m an LV lover, so anything that’s LV and out there, I’m going to want to get my hands on eventually. I think this cross-body design, dark brown canvas, interior zipped pocket are super conducive to the functional needs I had for a purse, but also, it’s just incredibly cute!

I knew I wanted this handbag when I saw it online, so I was totally thrilled when I saw that LuxuryTastic Replicas was offering 1:1 mirror replica of it — I mean honestly, how could I say no to a look-alike this good for like ¼ of the price?

The Answer: I can’t. Here’s the link where I got the Pochette Metis replica from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/lv-pochette-metis/.

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The Seller I Bought From

If you’ve ever read anything from me, you know that I’m a total fangirl when it comes to LuxuryTastic Replicas. I’ve never had a bad experience with them, their customer service is always amazing, their quality control is top-notch, and there’s no luxury replica seller out there like them (if you’re looking for 1:1 mirror replicas).

For me, they’re a no-brainer every single time. I’ve had a ton of bad experiences in the replica world when I haven’t bought from them. However every single time I’ve bought from LuxuryTastic Rep, I have been overly satisfied with the experience and the product!

Most of my Louis Vuitton handbags replica is from LuxuryTastic at this point, and to be honest, I’m not mad about it. Trust me, you don’t want to make the same mistakes I did when working with other companies – shop with LuxuryTastic from the start!

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