Louis Vuitton Customized Speedy

I think I speak for everyone when I say that there’s always that one Louis Vuitton replica that we don’t seem to reach for as much as we used to anymore. I have a good option for you though. Instead of selling it or leaving it to collect dust, why not just breathe new life into it by customizing it?

Well, that was the option I chose for my old-time fave; the Speedy 35. As a dedicated collector of handbags, the Monogram Speedy was one of my firsts.  I’m a bit of a rebel and so, even though I was bored, I decided to try something new with it. I gave my Speedy a new look with just a few touches here and there.

This is how I did it:

Gather and Sort Your patches for your Louis Vuitton replica.

Look for patches that are fun, expressive, and reminds you of your past if you want to be more personal. For my Louis Vuitton wallet replica, I added my lucky number, zodiac sign, favorite state, video game references, and things that remind me of my love for art.

Just make sure they are of high quality, have a backing to cover the stitch-work and can be easily undone.

Don’t use those small patches that come with sharp edges because they tend to be harder to stitch into place.

Get the Canvas Ready.

If you notice any dents or wrinkles on the famous monogram canvas on your Louis Vuitton belt replica, then your patches won’t sit on the bag as smoothly as you want them to. What I used on these creased areas was a blow-dryer set on low heat.

Once the areas were warmed, I used the base of my hand to massage them. Just take your time and try not to melt or burn the bag. This step took a few days and I’d advise that you practice on other materials first.

how to customize your replica LV

It’s Time to Place Those Patches.

Once you’re done sorting your patches, pick the side of your bag that you want to place them on. To give you an idea, try them out with a piece of Scotch tape to see what works for you.

I did this and once I was pleased with the placement, I used a pencil to mark out the locations so I would know where each patch belonged later on.

Since the Louis Vuitton’s canvas is more like a fabric dipped in plastic, a pencil would be perfect as it’s easy to erase.

Stick Temporarily.

You can use a Liquid Stitch for this part. I applied enough glue in the center of the patch to allow for an even spread before sticking.

If the glue overflows when sticking, don’t worry about it. When it gets dry, it’s easy to wipe off. Apply a little pressure on the patches till it’s stable enough and you can use a blow dryer to speed this up.

It took more than a week for me to properly dry the patches. This was because I applied in batches as I didn’t want to mess up the ones I had done and then, start over.

Do your best to move your bag around much less since the Liquid Stitch isn’t a permanent glue.

It’s Sewing Time.

It’s OK if you’re anxious already. I was! Now that your patches are in place and dry, it’s time to sew them into place. Thanks to the glue, the patches will be held in place enough to not move around a lot.

Here’s a secret though; I suck at sewing. So, I just Ieft The Leather Spa to help me handle this part.

Care and Maintenance.

While you’re rocking your fake Neverfull bag again, do your best to keep the canvas clean and well-polished to prevent it from cracking. I’d advise that you keep an eye on the areas where you stitched to monitor loose threads or separation.

You can make use of a shaper to support the canvas as well. Now that your faux LV bag has been brought back to life, let’s get back to showing it off!

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