is buying a used louis vuitton better than a fake version

Are you wondering if it’s better to buy fake Louis Vuitton bags or used LV bags on the resale market? You just might be surprised with how it’s actually better to go the replica route, especially when you can find something beatuiful like these Pochette Metis Replica and fake LV Neverfull

If you’re a Louis Vuitton enthusiast like I am then you’d agree with me that parting with your favorite bag is easier said than done. Now, many things could influence your decision to sell your favorite bag from you needing some extra cash to you outgrowing it. But the most important – in my experience – is if you’re going to get some decent cash off it or not.

After going through many forums and also getting some questions from some of you, it’s no longer a secret that the economic condition is making many people open to parting with their bags and buying Louis Vuitton replicas.

If you fall into this category, then you’re in luck because I’ve decided to make things easier for you with this quick guide based on my research on the resale market. Use this handy resource to see how much your pre-owned bags would get you – in case you’re looking to sell.

Today, I’ll be focusing on some of the top-rated Louis Vuitton styles. The prices you see in this guide are the ones I got from some of the notable resale sites to give you an idea of your bag’s current resale value.

At the bottom of this guide are some short reviews of the site to make your choice of resale site, more tailored to your needs.

Just a note though, all the prices are in American Dollars and ONLY stand for the current selling price range NOT what the site is offering for each style. I’ve also included the average median price for each style, across all the resale sites.

Used Louis Vuitton Bag or Its Fake Version?

Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag (Basic versions)

lv capucines

Luxurytastic: $600 – $757
Rebag: $2,300 – $3,600
Fashionphile: $2,515 – $3,540
The Real Real: $2,000 – $3,600
Yoogi’s Closet: $2,995 – $3,100

With a resale value of almost 50% lesser than it’s authentic price, I’ll say it’s better to go with the fake version.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

fake or used lv speedy?

Luxurytastic: $377 – 417
Rebag: $715 – $905
Fashionphile: $425 – $995
The Real Real: $525 – $945
Yoogi’s Closet: $545 – $695

Again, with a resale value that is lesser than 50% of it’s retail value, why should you buy an authentic?

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

lv neverfull

Luxurytastic: $377 – 457
Rebag: $1,015 – $1,380
Fashionphile: $670 – $1,500
The Real Real: $825 – $1,595
Yoogi’s Closet: None listed on their site currently.

Short Reviews Of Authentic Resellers Websites

Rebag: Their rates aren’t the best plus they only offer buyouts. On the upside, if you just want a fast way to make money then they’re your best bet. You can even sell in store if you like plus you’ll find the transaction process quite stress-free. If getting enough money to fund another bag is what you’re after and not the money then I’d advise that you check if they have your desired bag before you go with them. The reason is simple…they’ve got a highly competitive store credit system.

Yoogi’s Closet: In my opinion, this reseller has one of the best payouts for instant purchase. However, they’re quite selective with the pieces they accept and they have a smaller audience, so if you have plans to sell on delivery, it would take a bit longer than expected.

The RealReal: They’re quite unstable as their conditions and pricing are always unpredictable. They only offer delivery though. But if you’re after a quick sale, you’ll benefit from their large audience. To avoid any bad experiences, be careful about what you send to them. Another downside to them is the fact that they depreciate pieces without informing you, so you might just end up with lesser cash than you thought.

Fashionphile: Now, we have come to my best go-to site. They’re stable, a good option, and have a huge audience. They offer delivery and buyouts. Plus, they’ve got fairer rates. I always use them to sell my authentic bags before moving on to my beloved replicas 🙂

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