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Searching for brutally honest PurseValley reviews before you shop from the Purse Valley website?

Then you’re at the right place as I will be sharing a totally transparent, no-holds-barred and super direct Purse Valley review and the bad experience I had with them.

Today, I’m talking about all things PurseValley – yes, the infamous Purse Valley factory.

If you have any skin in the replica game, you’ve undoubtedly heard about this company. They claim to be the best replica website, super well-known, and typically, relatively popular with those who are new to replicas. There’s just one problem – they don’t do what they claim to be. At all.

Normally, I likely wouldn’t review a company like PurseValley factory, but I’m so disappointed in their claims, what they do, and their company in general that I feel personally obligated to steer my lovely, little fashionistas clear of them.

I don’t do this to slam a company, I’m just trying to take care of my replica sisters, you know?

My real problem with Purse Valley handbags? The claim to have the best replicas out there on the market.

It is wildly unfair to claim this and convince people to spend their hard-earned money on their products when they’re, well, less than what they’re claiming (by far). Their products are honestly not what they’re claiming, and I hate to watch a company try to dupe well-meaning fashion lovers.

If you don’t know about them – or the countless Purse Valley new sites — they’re a notorious company that’s been around for like, forever. I’ve been shopping replicas for at least two years and they’ve been around since the very beginning of my replica endeavors. They operate many different replica websites such as ePurseValley.net, PurseValleyFactory.ru and more.

I was so tempted to try them when I first got into the replica world. When I finally did, I got so burned. But overall, I learned a hugely important lesson for the replica game – you’re going to make mistakes until you find a quality seller like Luxurytastic. It’s just part of the game.

So is Purse Valley legit?

Unfortunately, they just rip people off and I need you guys to be totally aware of what they do and how they do it.

Continue reading my review below to get a better idea about what happened and why you should avoid them.

Purse Valley Review – Total Disaster of an Experience

pursevalley reviews
The bad packaging they used to ship my order.

So, let me break this down for you.

I have ordered 2 bag from PurseValley. The first model was a Speedy Bandouliere 30 and another was the Artsy MM.

Here’s where the trouble starts. Not only did it take almost 20 entire days for my package to arrive, but also, their packaging was a total mess. It was ripped, broken – overall, so messed up it don’t even look like they put in any effort into packing my order.

As some reference, this wasn’t a $150 purchase where I could sort of blow this off – I spent over $700 on this purchase, so it wasn’t at all what I expected.

Now, before I get into this next part, keep in mind that before I even ordered my bags, I directly asked them if I could expect the exact same quality as the pictures in their website. They assured me – no, they promised me, that they would be. They also promised me they would arrive at my door in no more than seven days from the order date. So, I took the plunge. I ordered the bags.

Nineteen days and one minute into opening the bags later and I was totally horrified.

purse valley website
Look at how bad the painting, stitching and stamping on the handles.

Upon opening the (damaged) packages, a huge waft of plastic, chemical factory smell hit me right in the face. The handle of the Speedy Bandouliere 30 had huge, loose, and horrific stitching on the handle that simply couldn’t be hidden. The painting on the handle is SOOOO BAD.

The Louis Vuitton stamping was so smudged or faded you couldn’t even discern the branding. The hardware was atrocious. The monogram color wasn’t even close to the same shade as the authentic bag. I stopped inspecting right away and sat in my disappointment for a while.

Then, I did what any rational fashionista would do. I emailed them. I was calm. I was civil. But I was honest. And you know what they did?

They lectured me on how I was buying a replica, not an authentic bag. If I wanted a perfect bag, they said, I should just buy an authentic.


Yeah, they said that to me. As if I was unaware that replicas would have some differences. But I just spent over $700 on your products that you literally promised me would be exactly like the quality of the pics on your website, and you’re going to lecture me on how I need to lower my expectations?

I don’t think so, ladies.

I did some digging, and you know what I found out? This wasn’t just a one-time fluke that happened to me. This happened to so, so many other people.

Pursevalley Reviews on the Internet You Need to Know About

I found this on a forum:

“I had ordered four bags from pursevalley. Firstly, their delivery was late. Secondly, the quality is so BAD. Third, they didn’t have one of the purses I ordered so they cancelled without informing me. Next, I tried to email, call and use live chat to get authorization to return the bags (they only allow 10 days for returns & the package has to be mailed to China!) and they will not return my calls or emails. To make it all worse, I ordered 4 purses so I would get a 30% discount but because they cancelled part of my order and only sent 3 purses, I didn’t receive a discount. The quality of their bags are inferior. I have real LV bags and these are not even close. You can get cheaper, better fake purses in L.A. for a fraction of the cost pursevalley factory charge.
I started calling on Jan. 3, 2017, and have called 4 times, emailed 6 times, and tried their “live chat” 4 times. I left my number in each case, and I have yet to receive any correspondence from them. I used a debit card to pay so I am very concerned.”

Check out this other review on Purse Valley website that I found:

“I really really wish I had been a more careful shopper and researched Purse Valley factory before purchasing from them. Their website looks so professional so it is hard for me not to fall for their tricks. I ordered a few LV and Gucci merchandise that arrived damaged and late. Why did I purchase so many for my first order? Because of the progressive discount they give and I also paid through western union since they give additional discount for that payment method. I knew it was too good to be true but sometimes common sense doesn’t kick in I guess. I hope everyone out there can see this and have a fair warning before shopping with them.”

What I Learned from My Awful Experience with Purse Valley Website

So, in the end, I got pretty screwed over just like how AAA handbags screwed me over. With companies like this, it’s totally unlikely that you’re going to get your money back, much less an apology for how they treated you. But you know what? That’s okay. Because in the end, it was kind of my fault.

Yeah, I got ripped off and a company lied to me, but I let the glitz and glam of their sway my opinion without actually doing any real research to ensure this company was quality. Not only did I just jump in without looking into them at all, but also I allowed their fake product pictures to hook me, and I ended up really regretting it.

The number one lesson? Do your dang research, girls. Sure, you can take my advice, or the advice of others, but you need to make sure you’re looking into them as much as possible before buying. Otherwise, you could end up like me — over $700 poorer with two bad quality fake bags from them that I will never use.

Some Tips to Ensure You’re Working With a Trusted Seller or Website

There are so many tips out there to help you figure out if you’re working with a trusted seller (I write about them all the time, so peruse the blog for some in-depth tips), but the main one is the quality control pictures.

If you are working with a seller who is willing to send you quality control pictures of your replicas before they ship your order out, you can tell you’re working with someone who isn’t looking to rip you off. This means that they’re transparent and that they’re proud of the product they’re sending you – they’re not ashamed of it at all. That’s the best sign.

A company that does that is actually my current favorite replica seller, Luxurytastic Replica, which I’ve been using ever since I stopped using Designer Discreet. Check out my LuxuryTastic Replicas review to get a better idea of why they’re my favorite replica website, why I think they’re the best company out there, and my personal experience with their products.

Lastly, I recommend working with companies that only have solid verified reviews. Make sure the reviews are verified, and posted on neutral review platform websites to ensure that they’re not fake reviews.

Now that you’ve learnt of my bad experience with Purse Valley website, I want to hear from you ladies too! Leave your comments below if you’ve had any experience with them!