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Are you looking for the best replica websites to shop from? Then you’re in luck as I’ll be sharing with you my recommended fake designer websites that I’ve had experience with. 

If you know anything about me (and if you don’t, hi, I’m Maurielle – you’re going to love my blog!), then you know there’s nothing I love more than owning all the luxurious, high-end, boutique brands for all of my accessories.

I’m talking belts, handbags, wallets, shoes, backpacks — if I can get it from a luxury brand, I want it.

But, if you also know me, you know I’m far too frugal to invest all my hard-earned money into paying thousands and thousands of dollars into purchasing all the authentic, high-end brands I want (I want to blame my parents for instilling a frugal mindset, but honestly, it’s just who I am. I mean, you can’t be an accountant and not have some kind of concept of wasteful spending).

Regardless, my dual desire for high-end accessories and money-saving tactics led me to the beautiful, amazing, and life-changing world of replicas, and honestly, I’m never going back to the authentic stuff.

That being said, I’ve learned that navigating the replica world can be super tricky if you’re not careful. There are so many replica designer websites out there, which is great, but they’re not all created equally, which is, admittedly, less great.

My point is, there are some wonderful replica websites out there that provide you with quality items, good customer service, and great quality control, but there are also some super scammy ones out there that will take your money, disappear, and never get you the products you ordered. It’s a scary world to navigate, but if you do it right, it’s so rewarding.

So, I’ve decided to help you ladies out (because I love it!) and give you a list of some of the best replica websites that I think you absolutely have to know all about!

Check out my little guide below for a list of the 4 replica sellers that I’ve personally used and have experience with!

#1. Best Replica Websites – LuxuryTastic Replicas

best designer replica websites

If you’ve ever read a blog post by me, you know that I’m 100 percent invested, in love, and absolutely infatuated with LuxuryTastic Replicas.

They’re totally badass, their products are accurate mirror images of the authentic models I love, and their customer service is amazing (not just by replica seller standards, they’re just actually amazing by normal consumer standards). You should read my full review on Luxurytastic.

Let me give you guys just a little of the basic info you need before I dive head-first into totally fawning over my all-time fave replica seller.

LuxuryTastic Replicas is a well-known, top-notch, replica company that’s served over 19,000 customers in a little over a decade. They’ve sold nearly 50,000 replicas in that time, so you know that means they’re getting tons of repeat customers. This company grew out of the desire to bring people like me (and you, girl!) the designer brands we want at prices that make sense to us.

recommended fake designer websites
Beautiful fake designer products bought from Luxurytastic.

What I love about LuxuryTastic Replicas website (and what everyone else loves, too) is that they make all of their own products in-house. They never buy from another manufacturer and resell. Instead, they often purchase the authentic versions of the bags they want to make, deconstruct them, and understand them from the inside out to provide us with 1:1 replica items that you can’t tell apart from the authentic products.

Further, they have incredible (no exaggeration) quality control. This company lets you see quality control pictures of the replicas you’ve ordered for your own inspection before they even send them out. No other company (that I’ve found, anyway) will do this for me. They’re very responsive with live chat support and live WhatsApp support, too.

Overall, what really reels me into LuxuryTastic is their non-stop delivery of quality products that do exactly what they’re supposed to – mirror the authentic products I love more than anything. I have never once had a bad experience…actually, scratch that, I’ve never had anything less than an amazing experience with them, which is why I’ve awarded them the best replica website out there. You can visit them at

#2. Best Replica Designer Websites – Designer Discreet

Designer Discreet was one of the first replica websites I used when I was getting into the knock-off handbag world, and honestly, I don’t have any really harsh complaints about them. They’re responsive, they’re competent, and most importantly, they’re okay when I was using them. When I was buying from them, I was pretty satisfied with their service, my items, and the experience overall.

Designer Discreet is safe, legit, and they offer a ton of items. The replicas I purchased from them always arrived in good condition, and I can honestly say that you’re going to get what you pay for. However, their shipping time is slow and there was once I had to wait more than 3 weeks before receiving my order.

The only reason I decided to stop buying from Designer Discreet is because I found LuxuryTastic Replicas. To me, Luxurytastic’s quality is much, much better, the replicas are more realistic, and the products just feel more authentic —- even more, you get a better-quality product for the same price from Designer Discreet. Luxurytastic’s shipping time is also faster than them.

I’d never bad mouth Designer Discreet – they’re doing exactly what they say they’re doing, they’re responsive, they’re awesome, and they’re trustworthy. I just prefer to work with LuxuryTastic Replicas because their quality is better for me.

#3. Bad Quality Fake Designer Website – Purse Valley

fake designer websites

If you guys are looking for tea, then c’mere, girl, I’m about to totally dish the dirt on this awful seller. Maybe I’m being harsh, but I like to think that if I’m going to invest my hard-earned money into something, it should show up as advertised. I’m getting off track, let me explain.

Purse Valley is the specific site I’m talking about. They’re one of those replica websites out there that claims to be something they’re not – in other words, they claim to be a high-end replica site with the best bags on the internet, but in reality, they’re just duping their customers and sending out terrible-quality products.

I gave in to temptation and tried PurseValley once – and I was so disappointed not only will I never go back, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure other people know all about my experience.  No, they didn’t steal my money and never send me a product, but I do think you should be aware of the claims being made by this company and understanding how their products stand up to the authentic items.

Think of the ugly $10 knock-offs that you can easily spot from far away, that’s the quality that you’ll be getting from them.

#4. Scammer Replica Website – AAA Handbags

As much as I hate talking about this (again), I’m going to. For you guys. Because you need to hear it so you don’t make the same mistakes.

When I decided to give AAA Handbags a try, I admit I was being painfully optimistic.

To me, it was a chance to try a new replica seller AND get my hands on a bag that LuxuryTastic Replicas wasn’t offering. So, I made the plunge, dove in, and purchased from

And you know what happened?

As soon as they had my money, they disappeared. Never to be heard from again.

You hear stories like this all the time, but they’re actually true. You can get scammed in the replica world, and if you’re not careful, it could happen to you! I absolutely say avoid AAA Handbags like the plague, guys. They’ll take your money and leave you totally in the dust.

My Final Thoughts on The Best Fake Designer Websites

best fake designer websites recommendation

As you can see, the replica world is a little tricky to understand, navigate, and deal with (especially if you’re trying to avoid being scammed). While there are tons of fake designer websites out there, I always advise to work with someone you know is going to give you the best quality for the most accurate price point, and to me, that’s LuxuryTastic Replicas.

If you’re looking for authentic-looking replicas that can fool discerning eyes for a price that makes sense (and all the reliability in the world), check out my full review of Luxurytastic Replicas.