what are replica purses

Hello there! You’re probably curious what high quality designer replica handbags are and whether they’re worth buying, right?

I’d be more than happy to answer you and be your guide [that’s why I wrote this article anyway].

Why listen to me? Well, I’ve been on both sides of the luxury world…the authentic side and the dark side of the replicas.

I’ve been burnt many times before I was able to source for a supplier that can make a high-quality fake Chanel Classic Flap bag.

So, before you buy that replica purse or handbag, I believe you should first know what a replica purse truly is and how it differs from a genuine one.

Ready when you are…

So What Are Replica Purses And What Makes Them Special?

You can call it any name you want… replica purse, fake purse, cheap replica designer handbags, knockoff purse, etc. It’s the same thing.

A replica purse is an imitation or mirror image of the authentic designer purse. By mirror image, I mean everything looks the same. The materials, the weight, the colors, the details, the sizes and so on.

You’d see that there’s great attention to detail to make the purse look so much like the original that even an expert would have to sit down to do a thorough study to spot the differences.

If you’re wondering how this is possible…it’s simple. Many makers of replica purses have become experts and gotten hold of the needed tech to help them achieve the perfect authentic-looking replicas.

With this improvement, it can be pretty hard to tell the difference between a fake Burberry or YSL purse from its original.

Can a Replica Purse Replace an Authentic One?

what are replica bags

I’d be totally honest with you. Going for a replica designer purse might not be able to replace an authentic one but it’s a better and cheaper alternative.

I already explained how replica purses are made to look so much like the original but not all models can be 100% like the original. However, the minor differences doesn’t really matter because if you know how to source for high quality replicas, 99.99% of the human population won’t be able to call you out.

You should read my articles about the myths of replicas and expectations when buying a replica so that you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision when shopping for replicas.

The main reason why I shifted to replicas is that it’s more affordable for me considering my current change in lifestyle from a single lady to a responsible mother.

As a single lady, going for the authentic Louis Vuitton purses used to cost me a lot but I never bothered as I didn’t have so many responsibilities as I do now. I’ll never discourage anyone who can afford an authentic purse from getting it but not everyone can afford a couple of thousand dollars.

You’re likely to find replica purses with prices between $150 and $600 which would look just as gorgeous, elegant and long-lasting as the authentic ones. Now you can see why as an accountant, I went for the cheaper option.

Are They All The Same?

No. There are replica purses that are high quality and very close to the original while there are some that are just low-quality obvious fakes.

Before you wholesale replica hand bags, do your homework and research on the authentic version so you can know about its looks, colors, tags, material and so on. Yeah, knowing your bag will do the trick.

It might seem difficult to spot any difference between low-quality knockoffs and the perfect replicas but if you know what you’re looking for, no one will be able to sell you low-quality under the disguise of it being the original or a high-quality replica.

Finally, knowing where to look will save you a lot of stress [Check out my post on where to buy replica handbags to get properly informed on this].

As always, I always look forward to hearing from you. Drop your questions, comments, and concerns in the comment section below. Lots of love from here.

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