Is It Illegal To Buy Replica Handbags Online

Wondering if it’s illegal to buy replica handbags online? Continue reading as I explain everything you need to know about buying replica purses such as fake Chanel bags.

Before I finally settled in the world of high quality cheap replica handbags, I had a lot of questions on my mind. The most important of them all was if buying replica handbags online was illegal.

Many people claim to be scammed off of their money when they get a Chanel Classic Flap Bag replica instead of the real deal that they paid for. I’m not talking about these people.

I’m talking about you and me who knowingly go for these replicas that are clones and copies of the authentic designer handbags.

Are we doing something illegal or not?

Well, to get the answer to this question…read on.

Counterfeits vs. Replicas: The Difference.

A counterfeit handbag is made to copy the original brand’s labels and patent symbols. It’s designed to be too close to the original that a buyer wanting to go for the original will have to be extra careful to avoid being a victim of fraudulent sellers, especially online.

What is a replica handbag?

A replica handbag, on the other hand, is also made to look very close to the original but would still not copy some of the authentic bag maker’s marks [for copyright sakes]. A replica is just a cheap imitation and nothing more. Indeed, the authentic bag maker won’t smile at someone else imitating their designs but it’s generally not illegal for you to buy them.

illegal to purchase replica handbags?

Counterfeit handbags are also tricky. In most case, the buyers are victims as I earlier explained. Imagine paying over $3,000 for a bag thinking it’s the original and you end up with a fake bag that looks like what it is: a fake! Although being a victim won’t land you in trouble, I’m pretty sure trying to have it resold will attract criminal penalties.

There’s also the ethical issues with most counterfeit bag makers as most of the money made [some evading tax] are used to fund criminal activities. It even broke my heart once when I found out that most of these counterfeit bag makers make use of child laborers for the production of these bags.

So, even if you’re lucky to escape the legal penalties… you’re likely to have your conscience pricking you that you just supported a child trafficking or criminal aiding company.

My Advice: Stay Conscious And Informed.

To spend wisely, I dived into the world of replicas but I had to do my research well and make sure I wasn’t buying to promote a criminal’s business or something close. Before settling with the replica seller I currently shop with, I went in-depth and did all my research.

So I urge you to do the same and think twice about the place you make your purchases from. It’s even better online than physical stores that are set up to majorly be a total rip off.

I’ve made the choice to be more economical with my spending and restrict my replica purchases to LuxuryTastic Replicas. They’ve got more affordable items than the authentic ones but you’d be able to tell that they’re not like the $40 products you’d get in flea markets or other sellers

So, be wise my dear readers. Do well to SHARE this knowledge with others!

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