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Honey, welcome to the dark side. Metaphorically, of course, there’s literally nothing dark (in my opinion) about being a frugal fashionista and going for knock off purses – if it’s done right, of course.

If you’re thinking about buying your first replica purse, let me just say welcome. I’m throwing you a mini party in my head for you. There is so much information out there that you need to know.

The replica handbag world is fraught with myths, vital quality info, and more that I can’t wait to share with you. That’s why I wrote up this fun, little guide for my blog.

This should 100 percent be your starting point if you’re looking to get the inside scoop on the replica world. Whether you’re on the hunt for shoes, watches, accessories or, my personal favorite, the perfect handbag, I am absolutely here for your replica needs!

Dive in, girl!

Which Brand Should I Go For My First Replica Purse?

Good news! There are so many quality brands out there to pick from. Bad news time? Not every model of handbag that you want is going to be available in handbag form – let alone a nearly-perfect replica. (I know, I know – it’s so disheartening. I cry a little every time I can’t find model that I absolutely have to have).

That being said, you’re going to have be extra cautious about cheap replica handbags. My favorite rule of thumb for replica buying is to take the popularity of the brand model into consideration.

Think about it like this, if it’s popular with celebrities, gracing the pages of your favorite magazines, and clogging up your instagram feed, then you’re definitely going to be able to find it.

In other words, the more popular it is, the more likely it can be yours in (high quality) replica form. High-end replica manufacturers such as Luxurytastic do a good job at replicating Chanel, Gucci and LV products, such as this high-quality replica Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

This is a super helpful way to determine when you should buy authentic vs when you can go replica. If you’re super in love with a lesser-known brand, it’s likely better to splurge on authentic because a niche bag is going to be harder to find a convincing replica for – don’t waste your money if you can’t find a nearly-perfect replica!

Can Replicas Really be That Good?

Girl. Yes.

If I could just leave it at that, I would, because that’s my honest-to-god answer. You know those looks you give girls rockin’ that brand new Fendi on the street? That envious-girl-I-have-to-have-that look? You can get those looks with replicas. I’m serious.

You might think that buying a knock-off means you’ll get the opposite of those stares. You know what we mean, those nightmarish, “wow that’s a cheap knock off purse” look. But honestly, with high-end high quality replicas, this shouldn’t even be a consideration. That’s how confident I am.

Your worries are valid, but only if you’re not buying from high-quality sellers, and only if you go into the replica game without the proper knowledge you need (my blog can definitely take care of that for you, girl).

Listen, I’m surrounded by an incredibly fashion-conscious circle. In LA, everyone has a discerning fashion eye.

So, I’ve definitely been exposed to many authentic designer goods and I’ve honed my spotting-a-fake eye. With that, I can honestly say that the replicas I buy are damn-near-close to perfectly authentic.

Pick Your Lovely Poison: Choosing a Trusted Replica Seller to Buy From

Check. Out. My. Seller. List.

The compiled list I’ve put together is a tried-and-true list that’s been crafted by years of searching, failures, and lessons. I’ve only included sellers on my list that I wholeheartedly trust and would purchase from in a heartbeat (actually, I’ve purchased from all of them).

That being said, know that just because I say that I trust them with all my replica buying needs doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re active 24/7. When I say they’re trusted, I mean that without a doubt they’re 100 percent cleared to NOT run off with your hard-earned money. If that has ever happened, those sellers have been blackballed and moved off my prized list ASAP.

Sometimes, I’ll get comments or emails from first-time buyers who get super antsy about a seller if they haven’t responded in a day or so. I like to remind my nervous guys and gals that this is probably just a time-difference issue (almost all the replica sellers are in Asia).

Maybe they’re asleep, maybe they’re working hard to make your bag, maybe it’s a weekend – try to keep these things in mind. It can take an average of 3-5 days for a replica to arrive from factory for quality control (after you’ve made payment), so most of the time, you just need to trust the process.

What Kind of Quality Do I Need to Hunt For?

Remember, not every replica is equal, so you’re going to need to hunt for the quality you’re after.

Just like with anything, variety exists. That means the good, bad, and the ugly are out there – you’ll probably find all three in your search.

Understanding the Label Lingo is going to be incredibly helpful here, so let me decode a bit for you:

  1. Mirror Image Quality: This is the label you’re looking for. It’s the “good stuff,” ladies and gentlemen. Products with this label are what sellers consider to be the best replicas out there. This means it’s good enough to fool the public, good enough to even fool the sales associates in the brand designer boutiques.
  2. AAAAA: This is the same as mirror-image quality.
  3. Original Material: This means that the replica is made of the same materials (leather/canvas/hardware) as the genuine brand version.

All right, so, that should break down the label thing a little better for you. But you also might be a little confused.

If you’re thinking something like, “there are way too many labels that mean the same thing,” don’t worry you’re not alone. Overall, labels can be kind of deceptive, so one of the best routes is to ask the seller what their labels mean in order to get a better idea of its quality.

Here’s another cold reality of the replica world. Sometimes, buyers are going to fudge a little about their quality. This totally sucks, especially for nervous first-time buyers, but it’s definitely a factor when considering the replica game.

This is where reviews are a godsend.

Once you find a good seller, stick with them. Establish a relationship. Talk them up. Be kind and work with them often. The friendlier you are, the more care they’re liable to put into your order.

The Worst Part: After The Waiting Game

I’m going to give you the single most important advice after your replica arrives.

After the excitement of the replica finally arriving, many people start going through scrutinizing comparisons between their new replica and online photos of the genuine. Don’t let the anxiousness drive you to compare side-by-side photos of your knock-off next to a genuine.

There are a lot of myths about replica bags. Many people and myself included (when I just started buying replicas for the first time), make the mistake of trying to find the tiniest flaws to scrutinize and cause you to doubt your decision.

Don’t do this! Just don’t! Remember, you didn’t buy an authentic bag, and that’s okay! That’s why you paid hundreds (if not thousands) less.

We all know that a 100 percent perfect knock-off doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that you can only settle for 99.9 percent. The 1-5 percent differences? Those are going to take hours to dissect, and even then, you’re going to need to hold it up close to an authentic to pick apart the differences.

Many of my friends and relatives have replicas & authentic bags, and cannot tell the difference between them. So finding microscopic differences are not really useful.

The cliched saying in the replica world is “wear with confidence” and that’s essentially all you need.

I like to think that I’m the handbag queen – I’ve got extensive knowledge in spotting a knock-off. And honestly?

If a handbag is 95-99 percent identical to the genuine one, I legitimately am unable to spot the differences without a magnifying glass, an authentic in front of me, and at least a half-a-day to kill while I scrutinize. Trust me. No one will know the difference.

Just keep in mind that nobody is going to strip the replica from you to do a closeup analysis just to prove that it’s a fake. Many of them don’t even have the analytical skills to be able to point out the differences.

Just wait for your replica to arrive and enjoy it! Be proud of your find and try really hard not to start the next replica hunt too soon (something I always fail at)!

The replica world is an amazing, weird, unique, and niche market, but it’s an incredibly thrilling and rewarding one too. If you’ve not read my guide on shopping for the best knock off purses, then I’ll advice you to read it.

Make sure you leave your comments below if you have any questions I didn’t cover, have any concerns, or simply need a little more info.

Got a tip you want to add to this list? Give me a shout! I want to help as much as I can!


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