Replica Buyer Etiquette and Expectations

All right girls — let’s talk about etiquette and expectations when you buy replicas such as high-end Chanel fake bags.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, ladies – I’m bummed.

I hate that this is a conversation that I have to continue to tell my fellow fashionistas, but the reality is, if we don’t talk about it, it’s just going to keep happening.

When it comes to being a replica buyer, there’s no need-to-know secret, there’s no magic trick, there’s no hidden process – you literally just need to be a good person.

That’s it!

Buying replicas is no different than just being an all-around good human being.

Girls, you know me. You know I’m as sassy as they come (I mean, hello, I’m dripping with attitude), but being sassy and a discerning shopper doesn’t mean that I treat my replica sellers with disrespect.

Unfortunately, in the replica world, the combination of impersonal online interactions with both cultural barriers and language barriers typically results in some downright ugly displays of human-to-human contact, and ladies, I am sick of it.

Hear me out – I know that most of my readers are kind, polite, and great people. I’m sure almost all of you treat people with dignity and compassion all the time.

It’s the few outliers that make me so angry – honestly, these unkind folks don’t deserve quality, high-end replica products (that’s about as bad of a punishment as it gets).

Any unkindness is too much unkindness, so I’m here to help out. I’ve laid out a few great ways to develop a good relationship with your seller that might help to provide some perspective for nervous buyers.

Read it carefully, live by it, breathe it in – abiding by these types of guidelines is vital!

Replica Handbags Buyer Expectations and How You Should Treat Sellers

Let’s get this out in the open – you are buying a replica from another country. This isn’t Chanel boutique in Los Angeles. This isn’t Nordstrom. This isn’t TJ Maxx, for crying out loud.

If you absolutely need that kind of ‘royalty’ customer service, the replica world might not be a fit for you. This is a different ballgame.

I don’t mean that replica sellers can’t be accommodating, it’s just that with all of the underlying circumstances here, you’re not going to get your plush, luxury, customers-always-right service that you might get at a Neiman Marcus.

Here’s what you can (and can’t) expect from sellers in this market, as well as some must-abide-by rules of the replica handbag purchasing game.

1. Treat Your Replica Seller Respectfully

Girls. You understand these sellers are people, right? Maybe they can make fake Chanel Classic Flap Bag like a machine to wholesale to you, but that doesn’t mean they’re literal machines – they have feelings and they need to be treated as such.

You will not believe the screenshots I’ve seen of the chats the sellers had with some of the rude buyers.

Talk to these sellers like you would talk to any sales rep in a designer boutique store. Would you yell at a sales rep for no reason? Would you scream at them (hello you ALL CAPS typers out there – IT’S RUDE TO DO THIS)? Would you use profanity? Racial slurs? Absolutely freakin’ not.

Be a human. Be kind. Treat these sellers with the respect they deserve as people. If you don’t, you deserve to be blacklisted from the replica market, and I mean that sincerely.

2. My List Is Gold – The Sellers I Recommend Will NOT Steal Your Money

I wouldn’t dare list a seller on my list that I wouldn’t trust to buy from, so if you see a seller on my blog, you better believe they’re as legit as it comes.

My favorite sellers aren’t going to steal your money, they’re not going to jeopardize their entire livelihood for your measly few hundred bucks.

When you want to leave a comment on my blog saying that a seller I know and trust has scammed you just because they didn’t reply to your message quickly, remember that almost all the replica sellers are in Asia.

Due to time-difference issue, maybe they’re asleep, maybe it’s a weekend – you have to keep all these in mind. So let’s try to stay away from that, shall we?

3. My Blog is OFF-LIMITS for Threats, So Don’t Even Try

I run a happy, friendly, positive blog that’s absolutely packed with amazing information – aka, this blog is not a place for you to run your mouth and threaten sellers. Let me repeat that for the people in the back – this blog is not a place to threaten sellers.

If you threaten a seller and tell him or her that you’re going to trash them on my blog if they don’t satisfy your needs and I hear about it, you better believe I will share your details with my list of trusted sellers immediately. In other words? You will be blackballed from the market if I have anything to say about it.

replica handbags buyer etiquette

Quality Control Pictures: Oh, the Insanity

I get it. Quality control pictures are a huge part of the replica buying process, and you know what, it totally should be.

You’re going to be spending a significant amount of money on a replica handbag, and because of that, you should have access to quality control pictures to ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

But you know what, some of this can get incredibly out of hand, and dare I say, absolutely neurotic and insane. And you know what, as the queen of replicas who – admittedly – can get a little cray, I have one thing to say — If I can hold by my handbag craziness and behave like a human being, so can you.

We need to be realistic and the replicas we’re purchasing. It’s natural to want the most accurate items possible, but you can’t be an insane person about it.

At some point, you cross over from cautious to crazy. It is impossible to get a rep that is 100% identical! If you haven’t read my article about replica bags myths, then I suggest you check it out.

To help you manage that frantic, crazed, paranoid line, I laid out some super helpful info.

1. Replica Vs Authentic – The Difference isn’t as Bad as You Think

Most of what we’re talking about here are high-end, high quality reps, right? This means that most of the time, they’re going to be the best produced and basically indistinguishable bags out there.

In other words, you’re likely not going to be able to tell the difference between an authentic and replica in this market.

The trusted sellers are not hawking Chinatown fakes at you – these are the real deal. That being said, there are going to be “flaws” in these bags, but they’re going to be minimal.

In other words? Chill. You’re not buying an authentic bag, you’re buying a replica of an authentic bag, and a 1-5 percent difference isn’t going to rat you out.

2. Replicas Aren’t Everyone’s Hat

That is to say, you’re not going to fit into the replica world without a hitch if you’re drawing a diagram to compare quality control pictures and marking up little, minuscule discrepancies.

Honestly, if that’s the case, you’re likely just better off buying an authentic bag. And you know what, that’s okay!

We’re all different, and some people just don’t fit into the replica game. Sending a photo with diagram like that to a seller isn’t going to help you – they’re probably just going to refund you, refuse to sell to you, and in most cases, block you because you’re showing similar traits to overly aggressive buyers in the past.

If you’re crazy picky, need a flawless replica that is 100% identical to the authentic version, and won’t settle for less, you might just want to save up and buy authentic to get the quality you’re after.

3. Be Realistic

It’s literally going to take an expert to pick your bag apart for the “flaws.” I mean honestly, who even knows all the flaws of a replica belt, shoe or handbag?

Who’s walking around on this earth and knows every single detail of every Chanel handbag that’s ever been made?

Okay, I’m sure there’s someone out there who does, but the likelihood of that person finding you and pointing out the flaws in your bag are pretty slim. In other words, a 1% misaligned flap or a different sized zipper are not going to be a dead giveaway to your replica bag.

Keep in mind that even authentic designer bags have differences in between each batch being produced.

4. You Care the Most, You Know

I don’t mean that no one cares about the bag that you painstakingly searched for (girl, I care, trust me). I just mean that you, without a doubt, care the most — so, if you’re going to stare a static, quality control picture for six hours, you’re going to find something wrong with it.

Will a stranger on the street who catches a glimpse of your replica know it’s a replica? No. Like, literally, no, they won’t. AKA: girl, stop freaking out about those details.

You should care, sure – you don’t want to buy something that’s obviously phony, but if you’re looking hard for something to be wrong with it and you’re coming up with nonsense, you’re probably just overthinking it.

Plus, any good fashionista knows that a good fake isn’t worth being called out for – in fact, if your girlfriends call you out for a fake instead of praising you with their obvious handbag envy, I suggest you find some new friends.

Takeaways For You

Listen, I know I sound harsh, but you have to recognize there’s a difference between wanting the best and communicating that kindly and effectively, and absolutely trashing a human being and being overly rude and demanding.

I know I’ve been going on about this, but it’s an important thing to understand if you want to be a part of this replica world.

Keep your expectations realistic, don’t be rude, don’t be mean and demanding, just talk to sellers like people with feelings, because you know what? That’s what they are.

This hobby is amazing. Finding and buying the best replica handbag is a rewarding, fun, and awesome experience, and I want it to be as positive as possible for as many people out there as possible.

I hate to be so negative, but I wanted to shine some awareness on this situation.

Maybe you think I’m being bitchy or catty (and I totally see where you’re coming from), but honestly, you don’t see the thousands of emails, blog comments, and more every single day that I do – if you did, you’d (hopefully) be just as appalled as I am. The insanity has to stop!

Keep it classy, girls, and keep up your love for replica shopping. Let’s be civilized, kind, and patient with one another while we explore this mutual passions of ours.


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