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So, you’re finally going to do it, huh? You’ve thought about cheap replica handbags. Paced back and forth a few times. Talked it over with your fashionista friends. Now, finally, you’ve worked up the nerve to dive headfirst into the Chanel replica game, and I just have to say – Girl, welcome!

The cheap replica designer handbags world is going to absolutely change your life. Think about how fashion forward you can be while also holding on tight to that hard-earned money you’ve been saving.

Look, I get it. I’m a young woman who makes a decent living as an accountant, and I have fashion passions too. But because of my appreciation for frugality (I mean, I have a job crunching numbers), I’m aware enough to realize I can’t drop a ton of cash on every authentic, designer handbag I see.

That’s where the replica world comes in.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, and in that time, I’ve established some serious must-abide-by rules when it comes to the replica world. As a fair fashionista, I’ve decided to share all the info with you, too!

Just remember, this is something I’ve invested in a ton of time into, so I know of where I speak.

I’ve had several trials and errors in the cheap designer handbags knockoffs world, and I’ve finally worked out the perfect system for getting what I want, establishing solid relationships with sellers, and navigating the tricky world of replica handbags.

Check out the deets below on my top four must-knows for buying cheap replica designer handbags online, and how to get the best quality!

1. Cheap Replica Handbags Quality

If you’re going to dive into the replica world, then you need to understand this fact:

Most of the cheap replica handbags out there are going to be bad quality.

That’s right – that’s coming from me, a seasoned knock-off designer bag lover. I would go to bat for replicas. In fact, if it were appropriate, I’d probably compose a love song for replicas.

But, I’ll spare everyone the horror of my songwriting and singing abilities and leave it at a very simple “I love cheap designer handbags knockoffs” statement.

That being said, I understand that most (read: most, not all) cheap designer bags are going to be bad quality, and if you’re going to get into the game, then you need to understand that, too.

It took me awhile and cost me quite a lot of money before I was able to find a seller that was able to really replicate designer handbags that looks and feels authentic, such as this Chanel Classic Flap Bag replica.

No matter how amazing or authentic-looking a bag may appear, you have to understand that they’re replicas for a reason – they’re being made out of dramatically inferior materials (hello, that’s why they’re so affordable). Authentic handbags are painstakingly crafted by artisans, not made in sweatshops by novices.

A bag might look the part, but that doesn’t mean the quality is always going to feel the part. It’s incredibly important to know that if you’re going to start investing your time, money, and energy into cheap replica designer handbags.

If you’re looking for cheap replica handbags to resell, then read my guide on how to wholesale replica designer handbags.

2. Cheap Replica Designer Handbags Scams to Be Aware of

You’ve probably heard horror stories about the knockoff world before, and you know what, a lot of those stories are true.

I’m not here to sugar coat things, ladies.

The fact-of-the-matter is, if you’re looking to get into the replica market, you need to be aware of the realities. This isn’t Neiman Marcus. This isn’t TJ Maxx where you score a great deal and have amazing service. This is the replica world and things are different.

You’re going to need to think on your feet, know what you’re doing, and go into the market with a keen pair of discerning eyes.

If a seller offers you a deal that seems way too good to be true, the reality is, it probably is. Odds are, you’re about to be scammed, friend.

There are two major types of scams that happen in the biz;

  1. The first type is when the customer (that’s you, honey) pays up and never receives what they ordered. What’s worse, in this type of situation, you’re often totally cut off from the seller and can’t get in touch with them. And because of the nature of the purchase, it’s not exactly something you can ring the police about. So, in the politest way I can think to say this, you kind of get screwed over.
  2. The second most common type of scam is when you pay up for your product, actually receive it, but it’s not anything like what you paid for. Remember those amazing pics you saw on their website? Yeah, they look nothing like the purse in front of you. You’ve been duped by one of the common scams out there where you’re promised one thing for a certain price and delivered something totally cheap, gross, and phony-looking.

I’m a person who totally gets down with the replica world, so I’m not trying to deter you from diving in, I’m simply saying that if you don’t know how to navigate this market, you’re at serious risk for getting the replica wool pulled over your eyes.

So please make sure you read my guide for first time replica handbags buyer and 5 replica bags myths to ensure that your first transaction will be a smooth one..

3. Cheap Replica Designer Handbags Can Be Legit

cheap designer handbags knockoffs
High quality replicas that I’ve got from Luxurytastic Replicas.

This is an important point, so listen up.

I know I’ve sort of been a doomsayer for the last few points (sorry about that, by the way), but I have good news for you lovely ladies and gents. Cheap replica handbags that rock on quality and look, feel, and appear authentic are totally out there! (I would know, I have an overflowing closet stuffed with them).

That’s right. You can find cheap designer handbags knockoffs that match the quality of authentic bags. The ones that look, feel, and smell real, ones that even the most discerning handbag fashionista wouldn’t be able to call your bluff on. The downside to this? It’s going to cost you.

Of course, an amazing, high-end, knockoff handbag isn’t going to be nearly as expensive as an authentic, high-end bag, but it’s definitely not going to be in the same range as a back-alley Chinatown misadventure. (If that’s more of your bag, you might want to ditch the high-end replica search, the prices of quality replicas are probably going to freak you out!).

My resounding advice about price?

You get what you pay for.

If you’re super invested in a replica that looks almost entirely authentic, then you’re going to want to cough up the cash to get that. The best high-end replicas are – most of the time – made from the same quality material as authentic bags.

The sellers of these bags manufacture their products in their own factories, they’ll even purchase the authentic bags and deconstruct them to understand every stitch, stamp, logo, piece of hardware and more. The materials are sourced to match the authentic products as perfectly as possible, and they undergo serious quality control standards.

The most legit, quality, and high-end replicas are out there, you just need to know where to find them and be ready to pay a pretty penny for them.

If that’s worth it to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Just make sure that you understand everything about replica buyer’s etiquette and expectations to ensure that you don’t get disappointed.

Recommended Cheap Replica Bags Seller

cheap replica designer handbags online
Some of the replicas I’ve bought from Luxurytastic.

Okay, here’s the super fun part where I get to stop being a realistic naysayer and just absolutely gush about the seller that I LOVE.

One of my all-time favorite cheap designer bags knockoff seller is LuxuryTastic Replicas. I have used them countless times.

Seriously, did I mention my overflowing closet that’s jam-packed full of replicas? Trust me, I will mention this millions of times throughout the blog – it’s a fact I’m supremely proud of.

They are absolutely my favorite seller. Not only are they super sticklers for quality – they source all the materials to match the authenticity of real bag’s materials as closely as possible — but they’re also incredibly talented, detail-oriented artisans.

They will literally purchase high-end, authentic bags specifically for the purpose to deconstruct and understand how they’re made, what the secrets are, and more. AKA, they take a high-end bag, rip it apart, and learn every in-and-out of the bag so they can replicate it perfectly. I’ve never heard of another seller dedicating that much time and effort into their cheap replica bags (and I love it!)

My all-time favorite reason they’re my go-to brand, though?

Their quality control is absolutely insane – in the best way possible. They’re amazing when it comes to ensuring that you’re satisfied with your cheap designer handbags knockoffs order.

They will actually send you quality control photos of the bag you’ve ordered for your approval before shipping it out to you. This is something that no other seller will do for you.

If you’re not using LuxuryTastic for your high-end, quality, and absolute awesome replicas, you’re doing it all wrong, girl.

Now that I’ve done sharing with you the 4 things you need to know about cheap replica handbags, I’ll also like to hear from you. Do you have any questions? Do you have any tips to share, or any website to recommend? Leave your comments below!


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