Chanel Strap Trick

Thank Me Later… Before I got the Chanel’s Classic Flap Bag, I had tried on several fake Chanel from the Large and Maxi down to the Mini collection. I tried out the Wallet on a Chain style plus some trendy and latest releases as well. Although I finally settled with one of the house’s notable and classic styles, I learned a lot about Chanel bags too.

If you’re used to bags from Chanel, you’d agree that some of the chains could seem too long for women on the shorter side. From my findings, I think [correct me if I’m wrong] the perfect height for most of Chanel’s bags is from 5’6 and above. If you’re within this height range, then the classic silver or gold crossbody chains are just the ideal length for you. If you’re my height or shorter [I’m 5’5] then you might find the straps too long.

But here’s an easy way out: you can just wrap the straps below the flap. Don’t get confused just yet, I’ll explain.

fake chanel bag strap tricks

First, take your Chanel bag [even if it’s the Wallet on a Chain style you have] and lift the flap.

Next, wrap the chain across each of its sides right beneath the flap. Simply put… take the left side of the chain and line it beneath the flap till it gets to the right side.

Repeat this with the right side of the chain toward the left.

Now, you can clasp your bag and you’ll notice that the straps will be shorter. If you own one of Chanel’s bigger Flap bags then you can pull the straps and tuck them in your bag before shutting it.

It’s as simple as looping the bag’s straps under the flap and doubling it. That’s all!

Bear in Mind: This won’t work for every Chanel chain bag like the camera cases and some of the newer versions. This trick is best for the flap bags, like this Chanel 19 style.

If you’re on the tall side, you don’t need this trick and I’m jealous of you right now. Especially since I’ve been trying to find camera bags and crossbodies that won’t reach my mid-thigh when I wear them.

Not to be dramatic since this isn’t a big issue but it hurts to be in love with a bag only to find out that it’s too long for you!

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