fake Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Trying to find the best fake Chanel bag ? You’ll want to read my review as I share with you the latest Chanel Classic Flap Bag replica that I just bought!

We all had childhood dreams. Mine was owning the classic flap bag from Chanel. Unusual for a young girl? Well, I had my reasons.

My dream job? At eight when my friends talked excitedly about their choice of career, I wanted to be a fashion designer.

I remember how I’d bother my mum to drive me to the library on weekends just to get hold of historical books on fashion.  This drive was even fueled by my interest in the thoughts behind the Chanel bag. All I wanted was to own this timeless handbag.

Today I’m an accountant with my fashion designing dream still lurking around in my head plus a sad truth. The Chanel bag is way out of my budget!

Like most dreams, I felt I’ll never own the Chanel Classic Flap bag until I bumped into LuxuryTastic’s cheap replica handbags and drowned [still drowning] in its sea of high-quality Chanel replica bags.

I’ve kept this review of the faux Chanel bag short and straight to the point. Not because I don’t have much to say but because I don’t have anything to complain about.

I’ll share pictures of the fake Chanel flap bag below. I got my cousin – who is a professional photographer – to take them for me. He took the pictures around 9 pm so pardon the bad lighting and any irregular looks. We were trying to avoid photography shadows and he said his Canon camera had some issues with the reds.

I’m not a professional photographer and can’t explain how this affected the pictures but just take this as a situation where pictures don’t do justice. The color is spot-on in real life.

With that out of the way, let’s get started on reviewing this beautiful faux Chanel bag…

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Replica Quality : 9.5/10

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Replica
This beauty I got for Luxurytastic Replicas is just impeccable.

Where I got this high-quality replica Chanel bags from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/chanel-classic-medium-flap-bag-black-3/.

Pictures of the authentic bag: https://www.fashionphile.com/chanel-caviar-quilted-medium-double-flap-black-419725.

Leather: Smooth and soft to the touch. It’s well done and very-close-to-the-real-thing. I can say this because I’ve held the original a couple of times. The color of the inner leather is spot-on and very soft to touch. The stamping and the caviar texture is great and neatly done. It had a little factory smell, but that went away quickly after “air-ing” it for awhile.

Stitching: I didn’t find any loose threads in this fake Chanel bag. The stitching was well done and perfectly aligned.

Hardware: Contains the essentials of the original and is of high quality. I didn’t find anything flimsy in the hardware of this Chanel bags replica.

chanel classic flap bag hardware and logo

Inner Logo Printing: This is what gives away most Chanel replica bags but this one I got from Luxurytastic is very good when compared to the other low-quality Chanel replicas I’ve gotten before from other sellers. The printing is clean and clear.

I was only able to notice that the ‘M’-stamp in ‘made’ is a bit blurry after a long inspection but it’s very minor and that’s also because I was trying so hard to find flaws with the bag. It’s no big deal as it’s not obvious unless someone scrutinize it for a long time. I’ll deduct 0.5 from the rating because of that.

Like I’ve said before, these pictures don’t do justice to how high-quality this faux Chanel bag is. You just have to see and feel it in real life.

Faux Chanel Bag Accuracy : 10/10

bottom and back part of flap bag
The bottom and back part of faux Chanel flap bag I got from Luxurytastic.

Mark my words…this bag can pass for the authentic Chanel flap bag. The alignments of the back pocket and the bag’s bottom is perfect. It has the right degree of puffiness too.

I tried counting the stitches. I tried but it became quite difficult as they’re the same color as the bag and are quite tiny.

So far I’ve gotten to 10 stitches per quilt which is the same as the original. The chains are not twisted and feel great.

The hardware? To be honest I was scared that this would be a serious giveaway but it wasn’t. The gold hardware is not as brassy as it looks in these pictures. It really looks good in real life, and it’s tone is accurate to the authentic one.

faux chanel back interior

The interior logo stitching as well as the “Chanel” printed logo was also accurate just like the authentic.

I got this bag for my personal use so I haven’t felt the need to inspect the box packaging or the ‘authenticity card’ that Luxurytastic sent together with the bag.

Satisfaction With This Replica Chanel Bag : 10/10

chanel classic flap bag faux
How can I not be satisfied with this beautiful Chanel replica from Luxurytastic Replicas ?

Satisfaction? I felt like flying over the moon when this high quality Chanel bag replica arrived. It was and still is everything I wanted. My childhood dream came true without leaving a hole in my pocket!

My Chanel replica flap bag is a very good one of high quality. I’ve got no issues with it and it’s just the proof I needed. That I won’t need to shell out big bucks on the authentic bag. If I need to buy any more models from this brand, I’ll take this route without thinking twice.

I’m so confident that if I even run into a Chanel sales advisor, I’ll still stand tall.

The website where I got this Chanel bag replica from: https://luxurytastic.co/product/chanel-classic-medium-flap-bag-black-3/.

Seller communication: 10/10

I had a great time communicating with LuxuryTastic. They responded on time and didn’t keep me waiting for any flimsy reason. There was no language barrier so the communication was smooth and without misunderstandings.

When any misunderstanding came up, it was sorted out almost immediately. I like the LuxuryTastic website. They made ordering from them easy and as hitch-free as possible.

Takeaway From This Chanel Replica Bags Review

If there’s only one thing you’ll take away from my Chanel Classic Flap Bag replica review, let it be a wise decision to spend your money wisely while still getting value for it.

So where to buy replica handbags that looks authentic?

Don’t break your bank for that Chanel luxury handbag. Why pay more when you can get the exact same thing at a cheaper price?

I’ve personally used LuxuryTastic replicas to feed my designer bags cravings, and they have never let me down once.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review on the fake Chanel Classic flap bag as much as I’ve enjoyed writting it. Do leave your comments below if you have any questions or recommendations!

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