Chanel Price Increase

I didn’t mention the increased price effect for the bags from Chanel that started in October 2019. But there were many blog posts and forum discussions centered around it that many people even said they were never going to buy fully-priced Chanel bags anymore and opt for Chanel replica bags instead.

For many years, Chanel has been in the business of increasing the prices of its bags from a few percent to about 10% and this price hike never sits well with the customers.

No doubt, prices will always increase on most items due to inflation. But when it comes to Chanel bags, their price hikes end up frustrating a lot of people and sends them to reach for the Chanel Classic Flap Bag Replica instead.

It has become a tradition to always hear complaints like, “I’m done with Chanel,” but the true Chanel enthusiasts get over their frustration sooner than later and continue to buy Chanel items. Most of them just try to plan their ‘next buys’ better to avoid future price hikes.

Maybe Chanel hasn’t gone through enough resentment to relax on their price hikes. Or maybe it’s because their old bags go up in value with each yearly increase.

How Much Are We Dealing With Here For Chanel Replica Bags?

chanel replica price increase

The US market saw a lesser price increase rate of about 2 – 4 % on the prices of the 2.55 flaps, the Jumbo and Medium classics, and the Boy Bag.

The Medium Boy’s price was $3,200 in 2012 around the same time the Boy Bag was launched. But with the price increase, the Medium Boy’s price was at $5,000 in 2019 which isn’t less than a 56.25% increase within 7 years. The rate of inflation from 2012 to 2019 was just about 12%.

If that didn’t shock you enough, then let’s talk about the Jumbo Caviar Classic. Eleven years ago, it didn’t cost higher than $2,675. But with the price hike, the Jumbo Caviar Classic was $6,400 in 2019 – a 139% price increase!

There were price hikes in many markets including the UK, Europe, and Australia. For the UK markets, there were about two price hikes in November last year. In Europe, it was averagely about 7% and the UK’s overall increase was 8-9%.

Of course, many shoppers were agitated but that didn’t stop many of them from still shopping Chanel bags. But, other bag lovers, including myself, still believe Chanel bags aren’t ‘Hermès price level worthy’ and so, Chanel needs to slow down a lot on their hikes to remain at the price points they’re worthy of.

I won’t be surprised if Chanel continues to increase its prices. But when they get too-close-for-comfort to Hermès pricing, they should be ready to lose a lot of retail buyers as many will turn to the resale market.

But it’s impossible to put a price on our wants and Chanel remains among the most wanted brands in the world of genuine and cheap replica designer bags.

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