Chanel Coco Handle vs The Gabrielle

When it comes to Chanel and Chanel replicas, many opinions keep flying here and there. While some don’t see the reason why anyone should be into new bags, I fall into the category that can’t get seem to get enough.

Despite the rushed price hikes and quality differences some say they have experienced [I haven’t yet], anything from Chanel is worth discussing such as The Chanel 19 Bag.

With that being said, let’s talk about the two Chanel bags that have been on my mind lately; the Chanel’s Coco Handle Flap and the Gabrielle.

I’ll begin with the Gabrielle. Since its release in 2017, Chanel has continued to debut multiple iterations of this boxy yet soft crossbody bag. But I’ll be honest…I didn’t have a thing for its style at first. I even resented it because I felt it was too small [I can’t even fit my phone in it] while its larger size was way too big for my height.

That didn’t stop me from admiring its silver and gold hardware chains though. I also liked the ‘I can survive in the rough’ feeling that the glittery, gold and black versions gave me.

But if you ask me if I like the Gabrielle or not, I still won’t be able to give you a straight answer. I don’t know how to describe the weird feeling I get about its chain color combo, coarse but soft leather [it’s calfskin] and its solid bottom half. I still can’t put an emotion to it yet.

However, the Gabrielle has remained on top even though I don’t think it will be for so long. But at the moment, the demand for it is still on the high side.

Let’s move to the Coco Handle Flap.

chanel coco handle flap bag replica

This bag has been around for many years and it has a striking resemblance to the Classic Flap. The difference is its thicker shape, chain, clunkier hardware, and sturdy top handle.

In comparison to the Gabrielle, this style emits a sense of class that’s ageless. Its grained leather has a lower risk of getting scratched and scuffed. I find it more likable than most of Chanel’s other styles because it’s more practical as long as you carry it by the shoulder, handle, or as a crossbody.

You might not find a separate tab for this style on the Chanel website or the Chanel replica websites but they’re still in the business or launching multiple iterations every season. [You should check out the metallic version, I think it’s too cute] There are two size options; large and small.

I think the price is more reasonable as it costs about $3,700, compared to the Classic Flap at $5,000 and above. At the moment, I’m more into the Coco Handle as I don’t see the Gabrielle maintaining the same level of attraction in the next 5 – 10 years [even on the resale market].

But for the Coco, it maintains that ‘Chanel feel’ that enthusiasts, like us, love and are used to. Even if it’s not as amazing as the Classic Flap, the Coco Handle from Chanel might hang around longer than we thought.

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