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Here’s the real deal, ladies.

About 99 percent of the people who make their way to my blog already have had their minds absolutely polluted by the handbag knock-off nonsense that I absolutely hate. But honestly, it’s not really even their fault. They’ve been exposed to those cheap, fake, scam replica websites that totally skew their perceptions about what replica handbags can be.

No one should have to live their life in fashion-limbo not understanding the absolute wonders of replica bags – that’s’ where I come in.

As a trend-setting fashionista, I’m half-inclined to keep this amazing secret to myself, but as a forward-thinking, progressive woman, I definitely feel the need to give you gals the deets on the top five myths about imitation handbags that are absolutely untrue.

So, I’ve listed out the top five misconceptions about replicas to help clear up the muddled waters around knock-offs. You won’t believe what lies you’ve been fed!

Here are the 5 myths you need to know!

1. The Best Replica Bags are only Made in Italy and Europe

Right off the bat, this is entirely false. The truth of the matter is, almost all cheap replica handbags are crafted in Asia (mostly China, to be honest). It’s far riskier – for logistics and legalities – to run a wholesale replica designer handbags operation in Europe because the chances of getting caught are astronomically higher.

Unfortunately, this myth is spread around so that people believe they’re getting a more legitimate, authentic bag – but honestly, if your bag looks and feels authentic, then who cares where it comes from? Don’t fall into the lie that your knock-off is straight from Italy, it’s most likely been crafted in Asia!

2. Replicas are all the Same

You should know this one is false – I mean, if that were true, every single replica bag would look exactly the same. Also, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of us talking about replica bags at all. As you know, not all replicas are created equal.

It’s in the way you, as the discerning fashionista you are, knows the difference between a back-alley Chinatown knock-off and an “oh-my-gosh-is-that-an-authentic-Chanel” bag. You know the difference between cheap and quality, so this myth pretty much debunks itself without any help.

3. The Best Replica Handbags are 99.9 percent True to the Original

myths of fake designer bags

Let me speak from experience here. I’m all about handbags. If you know me at all or have read my guide for first-time replica buyer or the replica buyer’s etiquette and expectations article that I’ve written, then you know how about handbags I am.

So trust me when I say that the best replicas can have a 1-5 percent difference from the original and it’s okay – you’re not going to get called out about a bag that has a 95 percent or a 98 percent similarity.

We all know that a 100 percent perfect knock-off doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that you can only settle for 99.9 percent. The 1-5 percent differences? Those are going to take hours to dissect, and even then, you’re going to need to hold it up close to an authentic to pick apart the differences.

I like to think that I’m the handbag queen – I’ve got extensive knowledge in spotting a knock-off. And honestly? If a handbag is 95-99 percent true to the authentic one, I legitimately am unable to spot the differences without a magnifying glass, an authentic in front of me, and at least a half-a-day to kill while I scrutinize. Trust me. No one will know the difference.

4. Buying a Replica Can Be Incredibly Risky

Oh, honey, this one is wildly untrue – unless of course, you’re uninformed. Only the ignorant suffer when it comes to replica handbag buying, never the informed fashionistas looking for a steal.

If you’re not in-the-know about how to shop for replica bags, it’s quite possible that you could fall into the trap of a scammer replica website. But, if you do your research, understand what you’re looking for, and know how to spot signs of a scam, then picking out a quality, ideal knock-off that’s going to knock your socks off should be relatively easy (it is for me, anyway, just ask my closet!)

5. Picking a Trusted Seller Guarantees Quality

Obviously, I’m a huge proponent of picking a seller you trust, but unfortunately guys, that’s not always going to guarantee a quality buy. Sure, I wish we lived in a perfect world where I could buy a designer handbag knock-off from someone trusted and get a high quality replica all the time, but that’s not always the case.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good, handbag-loving people and you’ll end up with a sour deal or a bad egg of a handbag. And you know what? That sucks! However, the difference between a good dealer and a crappy one, though? A good dealer is going to recognize the mistake and correct the problem for you.

I hope this article have helped to clear up some of your worries about buying a designer knockoff handbag and I’ll recommend you to read my replica bags shopping guide if you have yet to do so!


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